The Japan national football team of the Tokyo Olympics played against the powerful Spain as the last warm-up game before the tournament in Kobe, and drew one-on-one.

Japan, which will enter the first match of the Tokyo Olympics on the 22nd of this month, played against Spain at Noevir Stadium Kobe in Kobe City as the last warm-up match before the Games.

In addition to three overage players such as Captain Maya Yoshida, Ritsu Doan, who carries No. 10, and Takefusa Kubo, who is 20 years old and is playing in the first division of Spain, started in the starting lineup.

In the first half, the defense team led by Yoshida overcame Spain's attack, and in the 42nd minute Kubo dribbled on the left side and sent a pass, and Doan scored the first goal with a strong shot of his left foot. ..

In the 33rd minute, 18-year-old Pedri, who played in Barcelona in the middle of the match, made a chance to score a tie goal in Japan, where seven players were replaced from the second half in consideration of the condition. I was robbed.

However, after that, he did not give any points and drew one-on-one to Spain, which is considered to be one of the winning candidates, and got a certain response toward the Tokyo Olympics.

Japan will make adjustments in the Kanto region, where the qualifying league will be held from the 18th, to prepare for the first match against South Africa at the Tokyo Stadium on the 22nd of this month.

Doan, the first goal, "Courage and excitement through soccer"

Midfielder Ritsu Doan, who scored the first goal, said, "I didn't have my own shot in the first half, so I tried to hit one, but I think I put it in a good place. Regarding the result of 1 to 1. I think it's okay to be satisfied. However, I felt a difference in power among the players, and I really want to hold the ball against such opponents and proceed with the match. "

He added, "Although the Olympics are unattended, I believe in the power of sports and I want to do my best to give courage and excitement through soccer."

Director Moriyasu "I want to move toward the goal of a gold medal"

Japan national team coach Hajime Moriyasu said, "I'm sorry I couldn't win, but I'm glad that the players tried to fight tenaciously and attack well in the match. No, but I would like to be able to defend more to steal the opponent's ball and defend the opponent in trouble. "

After that, he said, "I would like to continue to value each day, improve the condition of the players and teams, and work toward the goal of a gold medal" for the Olympics.