In the third stage of the Grand Sumo Tournament in Nagoya, Hatooka from Yokohama won all seven races.

At the third stage of the Nagoya place, Hatooka in the Kise room, Sagatsukasa Hiroyuki in the Irumagawa room, and Mito Sakura in the octagonal room lined up with all six wins.

On the 16th, Mito Sakura, who had risen to the ring earlier, was defeated, and Hatooka won by pushing out to Sagatsukasa Hiroyuki, so Hatooka won the championship in all seven races.

Hatooka is 27 years old from Yokohama.

In the spring of 2016, I stepped on the first bale in the previous sumo wrestling, and in the first place of the following year, I raised the ranking to the bottom of the curtain, but after that, I ruptured the left knee and lowered the ranking to the beginning. ..

In January of last year after returning, I had an operation by tearing the tendon of my right knee, and moved away from the ring of this place and returned to the first place of this year.

At this place, which was greeted by the 16th piece of the west sandanme, white stars were piled up with a powerful sumo wrestling.

Hatooka said, "I was thinking of putting pressure on my body so that I wouldn't be behind. I'm glad that when it's warm, I have less pain in my knees and my body moves."

In addition, Hatooka revealed that his mother died in April last year and said, "I will continue to do my best, keeping in mind my promise to become Sekitori."