Women's three major teams announced the Olympic roster, female "day group" sprinting for the Olympics

  The three major basketball and volleyball balls are the most ornamental and attention-grabbing team events in the Olympic Games.

At the Tokyo Olympics, which is about to kick off, China's women's three major teams are all shortlisted, and the women are proud of their strength.

  Recently, the three strongest women's "sky teams" of the Chinese women's volleyball team, women's football team and women's basketball team have successively announced the Tokyo Olympic Games entry list, sprinting to the Olympic Games and defending the glory of the three goals.

  Chinese Women's Volleyball

  Defending champion strikes out

  As the defending Olympic champion, the Chinese women's volleyball team's list of entries is the most eye-catching.

In the list of 12 people announced not long ago, the team captain Zhu Ting led the team, Zhang Changning, Li Yingying and Liu Xiaotong were the main attackers, Yan Ni, Yuan Xinyue and Wang Yuanyuan served as the secondary attackers, and Gong Xiangyu and Liu Yanhan acted as the counterattacks. The second pass was Ding Xia and Yao Di. , The position of the free man is "selected" by Wang Mengjie.

  Chinese women's volleyball coach Lang Ping said that the women's volleyball Olympic roster has been brewing for a long time, and the entire coaching team is discussing how to use a suitable and complementary lineup to appear in the Tokyo Olympics.

The coaching staff has also been observing the status of the substitute players, including the on-the-spot response and the proficiency of cooperating with the main players.

  The average age of the women's volleyball players in Tokyo this time is 27 years old. There are not only the veterans who have won the championship in Rio, but also the newcomers who have been "top-notch" in recent years.

Compared with the Rio Olympics, free agent Lin Li is the only Olympic champion to lose.

Lang Ping said that after examining the technical statistics and performance of Lin Li and Wang Mengjie, he believes that Wang Mengjie is more suitable for this year's Olympic role.

The two free men have always supported each other. This time Wang Mengjie was selected, but Lin Li will, as always, accompany the team to complete the final preparation tasks.

  Among the 12 players, 5 are participating in the Olympics for the first time. Among them, the "post-00" player Li Yingying is a young main attacker who emerged and grew up during the Tokyo Olympic cycle, and the team has high hopes.

Lang Ping said that Li Yingying has made very rapid progress in recent years. It is the "secret weapon" of the Chinese women's volleyball team and a powerful offensive point on the team's main line of attack.

I hope she will give full play to her offensive firepower in the Olympics under the leadership of the veteran players.

  Beginning on July 25, the Chinese women's volleyball team will face group rivals Turkey, the United States, Russia, Italy, and Argentina.

If they make it to the final, the team will compete for the gold medal on August 8th, the last day of the Olympics.

  Chinese Women's Football

  The Mesozoic is to be a competitor

  The Chinese women's football team training at the Xianghe base in Hebei recently announced the 22-man roster for the Tokyo Olympics. Wang Shuang, Wu Haiyan, Wang Shanshan, Yang Man and Wang Yan are the only five players who participated in the last Olympic Games.

  Chinese women’s football coach Jia Xiuquan said that compared with the previous Olympic qualifiers, there are many new changes in the Olympic main list. Forward Tang Jiali lost due to injury, veteran Ma Jun and Lou Jiahui were not shortlisted, while Wuri Gumula and other new players The face entered the list.

  In Jia Xiuquan's view, the Olympic roster of the Chinese women's football team is not young.

"There is no'post 00' in our team, but the youngest Japanese women's football team has players from 2003, and there are 11 players born after 1997. We want to give Mesozoic players more opportunities to show China in the Olympics. The spirit, image, technical and tactical qualities of women's football." Jia Xiuquan said that the 22 players in the team are currently the most suitable candidates for the Tokyo Olympics, and they are also the best performers in the Women's Super League.

  Wang Shuang, who participated in the Olympics for the second time, said that it is not easy for the new generation of Chinese women's football to get Olympic tickets, hoping to bravely show their style on the big stage.

"As long as we boldly let go of our hands and feet to kick, follow the technical and tactical requirements set by the coach, and proceed according to the goals we want."

  At the Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese women's football team was in Group F with the Netherlands, Brazil, and Zambia.

On July 21st, the Chinese women's football team will take the lead against the powerful Brazilian team.

According to the rules, the top two of each group and the two best thirds will advance to the knockout rounds.

  In the Rio Olympics four years ago, the Chinese women's football team broke into the top 8 but lost to the later champions Germany in the knockout round.

Jia Xiuquan said that for the Chinese women's football team, every game is a tough game, and every game needs to be serious. It is necessary to ensure that the team is qualified first, and then work hard for the long-term goal.

  "It is our determination to try our best at the Tokyo Olympics. We are not spectators or participants; we are competitors and we have to fight." Jia Xiuquan said.

  China Women's Basketball

  Bring out the inner potential

  Due to the epidemic, it is difficult to find an opponent in the warm-up match. The Chinese women's basketball team has taken a different approach. Recently, it has played against the two youth men's basketball teams of Zhejiang and Jiangsu and the North Sports University men's basketball team in a row to prepare for the Tokyo Olympics in a "gender war" way.

  Xu Limin, head coach of the Chinese Women's Basketball Team, said that in the past few months of training, the Chinese women's basketball team has conducted targeted drills in technical and tactical areas, and the team's tacit understanding has been improved.

However, the objective reality lies ahead. The one-year postponement of the Olympic Games disrupted the team's preparation process and rhythm. The team encountered problems that had never appeared before. Due to the long-term inability to compete with international opponents, the unknown was relatively large.

  "In the past, warm-up matches with European and American teams were held every year to increase the experience of international competitions. However, due to the epidemic, we could only practice against the men's youth teams to increase the intensity of confrontation." Xu Limin said.

  As one of the only three players in the team who have participated in the Olympic Games, the captain Shao Ting said that he will work hard to pass on the Olympic experience to young players.

"As long as you step on the court, you have to focus on every moment on the court and fight every point."

  Li Yuan, a "post-00" player who participated in the Olympics for the first time, said that he would turn pressure into motivation, adjust his mentality, and go all out to meet the game.

  In this Olympics, the Chinese women's basketball team and Australia, Belgium and Puerto Rico are in group C.

In the face of many strong teams, Xu Limin said that no matter which opponent he faces, he must show the training content, bring out the inner potential of each player, play the characteristics of the Chinese women’s basketball team, and show stronger cohesion and patriotism. Dare to challenge, not afraid of strong enemies, and live up to expectations.

  Liu Yao