Atsushi Yamamoto, who participates in the Tokyo Paralympic Athletics Men's Long Jump Prosthetist class, responded to an interview at the university in Osaka, where he said, "I want to prepare for the best performance in any situation." I talked about my determination to the competition.

39-year-old Yamamoto is Japan's leading para-athletics and long jumper, and has won silver medals at the 2008 Beijing Games and the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games at the Paralympics.

On the 14th, we responded to NHK's interview at Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences in Kumatori-cho, Osaka, which is the training base for the Tokyo Games, which will be the 4th consecutive event.

Among them, about the fact that most of the competitions will be held without spectators at the Tokyo Olympics to be held earlier, "I think it would be hard for athletes to have no spectators. The Paralympics will have spectators after the Olympics. It will be decided whether or not to include it, but if possible, I would like the family to be able to enter it alone. "

On top of that, for the Paralympic Games, which will be his fourth appearance, "We have a mission to compete there, so we have to prepare well. I think that it will be held only once in a lifetime in Japan. I want to be ready for the best performance there in any situation. "