The Grand Sumo Tournament Nagoya place will be the final game from the 11th and 14th.

Yokozuna Hakuho of all wins will play Wakatakakage of Shinkoyui, and Terunofuji, who also takes the rope with all wins, will play against Sekiwake Mitakeumi.

At the Grand Sumo Tournament Nagoya place, Yokozuna Hakuho and Tsunatori Terunofuji Ozeki, who have indicated their intention to move forward and backward, have won 10 consecutive victories from the first day, and Kotonowaka of the flat curtain is the only one to chase with two stars. It is a deployment.

On the 14th of the 11th day, Hakuho will be at the top of his first meeting with Wakatakakage Shinkoyui.

Hakuho, whose start is getting sharper day by day, wants to step in quickly and make four shapes that he is good at.

As Wakatakakage, who challenges Yokozuna for the first time, he wants to find a chance to win by fighting tenaciously with his strong pressure while continuing to move so as not to turn around.

Terunofuji will play against Sekiwake Mitakeumi.

Terunofuji has won 9 wins and 4 losses in previous matches, and has recently won 4 consecutive games.

Terunofuji is perfect if you assemble the Mitakeumi Hisashi and pull your skill.

On the other hand, Mitakeumi seems to hold the key to the game whether or not he can push up a big opponent in the presence of his own character.

In addition, Kotonowaka, who is the only one to lose 2 in the flat curtain, will play against Shimanoumi.