Professional baseball has decided to delay the schedule of the Climax Series and the Japan Series by one week in response to a series of cancellations and postponements of the game due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection this season.

In professional baseball this season, due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus, four games against Nippon Ham and five games against Hiroshima were canceled in May, and the state of emergency was declared to avoid holding unattended baseball. Therefore, 6 games during the period have been postponed.

For this reason, the executive committee on the 5th said that it was necessary to secure more spare days to hold all 143 regular season games, and scheduled the climax series from October 30th and the Japan Series from November 13th. I considered a plan to delay it by one week.

In this case, there are teams scheduled for another event at the baseball stadium, so it will be officially decided as soon as each team can adjust, including using other stadiums.

Due to the delay in the opening of the season last season, the Japan Series was held later than usual, and the giant used Kyocera Dome Osaka as the venue for the home game because the intercity baseball tournament for working adults was held at the baseball tournament in Tokyo Dome.