The 5th is the second day of the Tokyo Olympic torch relay in Ibaraki prefecture, and the torch is connected in the western part of the prefecture such as Koga city and Bando city.

The torch relay in Ibaraki Prefecture is held on the 4th and 5th for two days.

On the final day, the 5th, a departure ceremony was held in front of JR Koga Station in Koga City, and Ai Nozoko, who lives in the city, started running with a smile as the first runner after 9 am.

After that, the torch runs through Bando City and Joso City, and by noon, it passes over the embankment of the Kinugawa River in Joso City, which broke down due to the heavy rains in the Kanto and Tohoku regions six years ago.

In addition, as a unique route unique to Ibaraki Prefecture, a torch relay will be held by boat or bicycle at Kasumigaura in Namegata City and its lakeside, and the goal is scheduled to reach Tsukuba City around 8 pm.

Ibaraki Prefecture is conducting a torch relay on public roads because the infection situation of the new coronavirus seems to be calm, but we are calling for live broadcasting to refrain from viewing along the road, and if you want to see it along the road, wear a mask We are demanding thorough infection prevention measures such as wearing it to keep a distance from other people.