A women's team succeeded in its first season by winning the League and the Cup

Shams: 48% increase in the number of Sharjah karate players in the "Corona" year

Sharjah won 6 local championships after an exceptional season.

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The former national team star and Karate supervisor at the Sharjah Sports Club for Individual Games, Hamid Shamis, revealed the club’s success in increasing the number of game practitioners during the “Corona” pandemic by 48% compared to the 2018-2019 season, in an increase that reflects the club’s management’s keenness despite the challenges that it faces. The pandemic imposed it, by moving forward in attracting talent in all games, especially since many teams that were established during periods of suspension of sports activity, quickly put their mark on the game arena, most notably the women’s team, which dominated the titles of the Karate League and Cup ending season 2020- 2021.

Shams told "Emirates Today": "The total number of karate players before the Corona pandemic reached 85 players, but the insistence of the club's management to maintain the strategy of attracting talent was behind overcoming the obstacles imposed by the pandemic, by succeeding in increasing the number of players and players in the year of Corona to 126 male and female players, an increase of 48%.

He explained, "During the period of suspension of sports activity, many courses were organized and participated in tournaments with a remote visual communication system, especially in kata competitions, and the game's management succeeded in attracting more talents during the pandemic year, which allowed with the return of training and activity to achieve a leap on The level of the number of players and players, and the establishment of new teams quickly made its mark strongly, most notably the women’s team, which in its first seasons historically dominated the league and cup titles.

He added, "Great efforts were made during the breaks, which resulted in achieving this qualitative increase, so that the club's teams now include 23 male players, eight for the women's team, 26 male and female players for the youth stage, 37 for juniors, 10 for the cubs, seven players for girls, and nine players. Al-Baraem and six players for Al-Zahraat team

And he continued: “Despite the suspension of the competitions for the age groups in the 2020-2021 season, the first-grade teams succeeded in presenting an exceptional season, and recording an unprecedented achievement in the history of the game, by winning six out of the seven local competitions included in the season, which is the General League and Cup Championship for the men’s stage in The (Kata) competitions, as well as the two cup titles for men in the (Kumeti), which complemented the achievement of the club’s women and in their first appearance in the (Kata) competitions, the league and cup titles.

He continued, "The achievements were not limited to the local arena only, but also extended to international titles, after the (Sharjah Karate) crowned in May last year the international (Armenia), which was dedicated to (kata), and it was established by the remote visual communication system, and was followed in March 2021 with a harvest First place in the fourth rounds of the World Karate League (Premier League) that took place in France.

He concluded: "Sharjah's Karate sports harvest for individual games, in the ending season, reached 81 colored medals, after winning locally 17 medals, three gold, two silver and 12 bronze, matched by 64 colored medals in the international participation, 18 gold, 27 silver and 19 bronze." .

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