Major League Baseball Padres pitcher Yu Darvish started the game against Diamondbacks on the 27th and showed a good pitching to keep the 6th inning to 1 goal, but he did not win or lose.

Darvish started the game against Diamondbacks in San Diego on the 27th in the middle of the 5th.

Darvish, who pitched 11 strikeouts on the 21st of the previous pitch and achieved the fastest total of 1,500 strikeouts in the history of Major League Baseball, showed a good start to take three consecutive strikeouts from the first time on this day as well. ..

In the 2nd inning with a 2-point lead, he was hit by a two-base hit from 2 outs, but the following batter struck out with a fastball in the high 150km range and survived the pinch.

Darvish was a pitcher who struck out two consecutive strikeouts in the third inning, but in the fourth inning, he lost one point on his own wild pitch after being hit by two hits to make one out and first base and third base.

In the 5th inning, a two-base hit and a walk led to a two-out first base and a pinch, but the following batter was hit by the center fly.

Darvish pitched up to 6 times with a 2 to 1 and 1 point lead and got off the mound with the right of the winning pitcher. It was one.

After this, Padres was reversed in the 7th inning when the relief pitcher was robbed of 3 points, and pitcher Darvish's 8th win was carried over, but the team regained 3 points behind it and reversed, winning 5-4. It was.

Darvish pitcher "I want to throw a long inning"

Darvish, who pitched well with one goal in six innings, said, "I wanted to throw seven times today, but I'm thinking of throwing at least six times. If I throw a long inning, the burden on the bullpen will be reduced. This season, Since it started as the first pitcher in the starting lineup, I want to throw a long inning in terms of responsibility, "he said about his role.

Also, regarding the scene where he got through the pinch of 1st base and 3rd base in the 4th inning in double play, he said, "I started throwing a ball like a vertical slider from the previous pitching, and the ball speed is about the same, but it falls sharply in front of the base. I was showing, so I thought that if a fast cut ball went to the strike zone, it would get stuck like that. It worked. "