The Japan Championships in Athletics, which also serves as the representative selection for the Tokyo Olympics, ended on the 27th.

On the final day, Shunsuke Izumiya broke the Japanese record significantly in the men's 110-meter hurdles and won the championship, and nine people were newly appointed as representatives in the fourth event.

In the four days of the tournament, 17 people grabbed the tickets for the Tokyo Olympics in a total of eight events.

On the final day, 9 people from the 4th event will be unofficially decided

This year's Japan Championships in Athletics will be held for four days until the 27th at "Yanmar Stadium Nagai" in Osaka City, and if a player who breaks the standard participation record of the Olympics is in the third place, he will be appointed as a representative on the spot. So to speak, a fierce battle of "one-shot game" was fought.

On the final day, the 27th, Izumitani won the men's 110-meter hurdles with a new Japanese record of 13:06, which set a new record of 0 seconds and 1 and was the representative of the Tokyo tournament along with Taio Kanai and Shunya Takayama. It was decided to.

In addition, nine athletes were appointed as representatives in the fourth event, including Yuki Koike, who is 200 meters long, Yuki Hashioka, who is a long jumper, and Ririka Hironaka, who is 5,000 meters long.

Looking through the tournament, Shuhei Tada and Ryota Yamagata were unofficially decided at the men's 100 meters, which was the most noticeable, and Haruka Kitaguchi was unofficially decided at the women's javelin throw. It was decided to.

On the other hand, Asuka Terada, a 100-meter hurdle for women, and Naoto Tobe, a high jumper for men, won the championship, but they couldn't break the standard participation record and couldn't make an offer at this tournament.

In addition to the standard record of participation, the world ranking is one of the conditions for the selection of representatives of the Tokyo Olympics, and the Japan Association of Athletics Federations will announce the representative candidates in response to the latest ranking updated by the World Athletics Federation on the 1st of next month.

Unofficial player of this tournament


▽ 100m: Shuhei Tada / Ryota Yamagata

▽ 200m: Yuki Koike

▽ 110m hurdles: Shunsuke Izumiya / Taio Kanai / Shunya Takayama

▽ 400m hurdles: Kazuki Kurokawa / Takatoshi Abe

▽ 3000m Obstacle: Ryuji Miura / Kosei Yamaguchi /



▽ Long jump: Yuki Hashioka /


Tsunami / Shotaro Shiroyama


▽ 5000m: Rika Hironaka / Hitomi Shintani

▽ Throw: Haruka Kitaguchi