The Tokyo Olympics representative selection for rhythmic gymnastics was held in Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture, and Sumire Kita and Chimi Oiwa were nominated as individual representatives.

In the rhythmic gymnastics of the Tokyo Olympics, Japan has won two individual overall participation slots, and Kida and Oiwa, and Rio de Janeiro Olympic representative Kaho Minagawa competed for those slots.

The representative selection was held for two days on the 19th and 20th, with the four types of performances of hoop, ball, club, and ribbon, and the top two players with the highest scores were nominated as representatives.

Kida showed a speedy performance with the ball on the 20th, but the score did not increase due to mistakes in the club and ribbon, but 97.350 on the 19th was the top in the two-day performance of the three people. I got a score and was appointed as the first Olympic representative.

In addition, Oiwa decided a big move with the ball, but he could not improve the score due to mistakes in other events.

Even so, 96.950 on the 19th scored second overall, and he was appointed as the first Olympic representative.

On the other hand, Minagawa, who was in 3rd place on the 19th, showed his beautiful performance with hoops and balls, but he did not improve his score in other events and did not represent the second consecutive tournament.

Sumire Kita

Rhythmic gymnastics Sumire Kita is 20 years old from Kagawa prefecture.

I started playing at a local club at the age of five.

His characteristic is the ability to operate hand tools dexterously with quick movements.

In 2013, he won second place in the All Japan Championship, which he participated in in the first year of junior high school, and won the hoops and clubs by event.

After that, in addition to finishing 12th in the 2017 World Championships, from 2018 he achieved the third consecutive championship in the All Japan Championships, and set his biggest goal to participate in the Tokyo Olympics.

"Anyway, the acting that I think I've done"

Sumire Kita, who was appointed as the representative of the Tokyo Olympics, said, "I'm still honestly surprised and I don't really feel it. There were a lot of hardships before I came here, but the people who supported me around me. Thanks to that, I was able to win the national team. I would be happy if I could be the representative and give back. "

He added, "The fact that I was able to compete in a difficult situation is something that remains in me. I was very anxious and nervous before the selection, but after I entered the venue, I could clearly see what I had to do. I was able to concentrate, "he recalled during the two days of acting.

For the Tokyo Olympics, "Today I made a few mistakes in the latter half of the event, so I want to correct them so that I can perform properly. And my goal is to perform my own performance at the Olympics. I wish I could stay until the final, but I just want to do what I think I've done. "

Chimi Oiwa

Chiba Oiwa, a rhythmic gymnast, is 19 years old from Chiba prefecture.

From the age of 5, he started competing in a local gymnastics class and won the 2016 All Japan Junior Championships as an individual overall with his flexibility and rich expressiveness.

He finished 19th in the 2019 World Championships and 10th in the World Cup held in Italy last month, contributing to the individual all-around of the Tokyo Olympics and the acquisition of Japan's quota.

"First of all, so that you can do what you want to do"

Chimi Oiwa, who was appointed as the representative of the Tokyo Olympics, said, "It was a difficult road to come here, but I am very happy to be able to participate in the Olympics. It was a tough battle I had never experienced before, and I made a few mistakes, but I feel relieved that it is finally over. "

And based on the fact that the second entry slot of the Tokyo Olympics, which was contested in this representative selection, was won by Oiwa at the World Cup last month, "I have grasped it, so I will win this selection. I think I had more feelings for it than anyone else. It was only about two weeks since the World Cup, and I had a pain in my body, and I was physically tough, but I am happy to be able to overcome it. "

Furthermore, toward the Olympics, he quietly said, "I don't put much emphasis on the results, and I don't have a goal of how much I want to be in. I want to do my best so that I can do what I want to do first so that I can improve as much as possible." I talked about enthusiasm.

Minagawa misses the Olympics "I didn't get any points for the results."

Kaho Minagawa, who missed the Olympics for the second consecutive tournament, said, "I made some mistakes throughout the two days, but I was able to act with the feeling that I wouldn't give up, and I'm glad I didn't collapse. I was disappointed because I couldn't perform as much as I could yesterday and I didn't get any points. I think this is the best I can do now, considering my physical condition, "he said with tears.

He revealed that he was not in perfect condition because he had an operation on his right leg last December. "Honestly, I have a lot of regrets, and I have a strong feeling that I could have done more if my body listened to me. In addition to the surgery on my right foot, my left toe was injured and it was hard to walk, so I practiced while holding it down little by little. I'm home, so I want to take it firmly. "

Looking back on the five years since the Rio de Janeiro Games, "I was able to win a medal at the 2017 World Championships, and I have achieved the goals I and my coach have set so far. I have some regrets now, but for eight years. I was able to practice in Russia and it wasn't a waste for the last five years. I haven't decided yet, but now I want to take a good rest and act in front of you again. "

General Manager of Strengthening Headquarters "The strength is that you can score even if you have a difficult posture."

Hiroko Yamazaki, general manager of the Japan Gymnastics Association, looked back on the representative selection meeting and said, "While I was extremely nervous, I think that each of them made a lot of effort, although there were some mistakes. I think my strength is that I can score without collapsing. I have a lot of detailed skills, so if I can perform without lacking it, I think I can earn a little more points. I think I was tired of doing the 4th event for 2 consecutive days and made mistakes. However, the top European athletes can perform the same performances for days in a row, so we have to stay focused until the end. They are still young and can do more. "

Regarding Sumire Kita, "I felt growth by incorporating a lot of small techniques. Big techniques are adopted by players from every country, but how can I put in small small techniques in the meantime? And a coach from China. I am able to act with a unique view of the world under the guidance of, so I think it would be interesting if I could show more of that energy. "

Regarding Chimi Oiwa, "It collapsed in the second half, but if I continued to be in good shape in the second half of today, I could go to the final in the Olympics. I made a lot of mistakes in the practice before the game, but I thought he was a strong player in the actual performance. "

And about Kaho Minagawa, who missed the representative of the second consecutive tournament, "I did my best while my leg hurt. I had a difficult balance and turn as a weapon, but I couldn't do it because of my leg pain. I want you to take care of me. "