• Max Verstappen, in the lead for the first in the championship since his arrival in F1, will try to keep this place this weekend during the French Grand Prix at Le Castellet.

  • After breaking all records for precocity, the Dutchman assured

    20 Minutes that he

    would not be frustrated with chasing his first World Championship title in five seasons.

  • But the RedBull driver is ambitious and hopes to win “ten titles in ten years”.

Finally a happy new year for Max Verstappen? Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen will try to keep his first place in the drivers' standings this weekend during the French Grand Prix at Castellet (Var). Since his arrival in Formula 1 in 2015, this is the first time that this young 23-year-old driver has led the championship.

“It's a natural process to improve, you learn different things every year.

You gain experience from year to year to perform better.

I know that I still have room for improvement, it will be necessary to see throughout the season, ”he delivers to

20 Minutes

, as part of an interview with his sponsor CarNext.

His retirement at the last Azerbaijani Grand Prix with a puncture also sounded like a reminder for the Dutch driver, even if it had no consequences in the championship.

"I am more complete, I choose my moments"

Since his arrival in F1, Max Verstappen has broken all records for precocity: youngest driver in F1 at 17 years and 5 months, youngest driver to score points, youngest driver to win a grand prix, then ten GP, ​​among others . But he is still chasing his first league title. “No, it's not a source of frustration,” he says. There are all the other drivers who also have this goal of becoming world champion. Of course there is Lewis [Hamilton], but also a few others. You also have to understand the situation, so far we haven't had the package to win the league title, you can't force things. We will try to do it this year, we have better chances. But I've said it before, the season is long and a lot can happen. "

Max Verstappen, known for his blood on the track during his first seasons, has calmed down. And has matured. Essential qualities to hope to become world champion. “It's a bit of a normal process for a pilot to evolve from year to year, experience helps to be more efficient. I am more complete, I choose my moments. When to go, when to score points. I hope to continue like this. I am more confident of being better than last year, ”he says.

And it doesn't matter if this famous league title is won against Hamilton, his best enemy with seven World Championship titles, including the last four.

“Winning a title is what you work on all your life.

It's cool to beat anyone, Lewis of course, but there are a lot of great drivers.

I sometimes have the impression that people forget that the level is so high, the lap times during qualifying are very close.

There is a lot of talent.

I'm sure when Lewis leaves a lot of the riders will take a step forward, ”he predicts.

Generational turning point

Because Formula 1 is at a generational turning point.

Lewis Hamilton, Sébastien Vettel, Sergio Perez, teammate of Max Verstappen at Redbull, are more on the end, while the new generation is pushing hard, embodied by George Russel, Lando Norris, the Monegasque Charles Leclerc or the French Pierre Gasly.

A new generation spearheaded by Max Verstappen.

“It's great to be seen as such.

It's good to see that there are young talents coming, but that's normal.

It's up to our generation to find a place for itself, it's always the same process, ”he says.

But let's be clear, Max Verstappen is only leaving crumbs for his young competitors.

" In ten years ?

I see myself with ten titles.

Yes, ten titles are good, ”he laughs.

Competition is prevented.


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