On Friday at 10.00, Tomas Axnér (the ladies) and Glenn Solberg (the men) will present their Olympic troops before leaving for Tokyo.

This is what SVT expert Magnus Grahn says before the competitions:


Opponents in the Olympics: Bahrain, Denmark, Egypt, Japan, Portugal.

"Since four teams go to the quarterfinals, I see no problem for Sweden to advance.

Sweden plays with a high level of self-confidence and has an extremely good composition, which means that they should be able to do it relatively easily. ”

Hardest opponent:

“Of course Denmark and Portugal, but Sweden should place at least second in the group.

The quarter finals will be a wasp nest and to now analyze which team Sweden can face is an impossibility.

But possible opponents are Norway, Germany, Spain or France.

No easy opponent but no national team will surely go against Sweden. "

This is what Grahn wants the Olympic team to look like:

Goalkeepers: Andreas Palica and Mikael Appelgren

Left sixes: Lucas Pellas and Hampus Wanne

Middle sixes: Max Darj and Fredrik Pettersson

Right sexes: Niklas Ekberg and Valter Chrintz.

If Ekberg does not have time to recover from his injury, then of course Daniel Pettersson will join the squad.

Nine meters: Felix Claar, Jim Gottfridsson, Jonathan Carlsbogård, Alfred Jönsson, Lukas Sandell and Albin Lagergren.

"If now everyone stays healthy and injury-free, this squad feels quite clear and will not contain any major surprises because this squad delivered good results in the near future, in both the World Cup (silver) and were brilliant in the Olympic qualifiers."


Opponents of the Olympics: Brazil, France, Russia, Spain, Hungary.

Sweden has ended up in a nightmare group without "rescue planks".

They face five potential medal teams.

Sweden has a chance to move on but must perform high over many days and against many teams.

Hardest opponent:

"All five teams in the group are difficult.

But I hope that the team sees the challenge because if they move on, there are more affordable opponents in a quarter-final. "

Grahn's Olympic squad:

Goalkeepers: Johanna Bundsen and Jessica Ryde

Left sixes: Olivia Mellegård if she is ready to play after injury, it will probably be decided at the camp.

Otherwise, I bet on Elin Hansson.

Middle sixes: Anna Lagerqvist and Linn Blom.

Right sexes: Nathalie Hagman and Matilda Lundström.

Believes in a comeback of Hagman and if she is motivated, she should definitely be involved.

Niometer: Jamina Roberts, Kristin Thorleifsdotter, Emma Lindqvist, Carin Strömberg, Melissa Petren, Nina Dano.

"Added to the 14th player who is not crystal clear.

I think Axnér only chooses a left wing and then we will see Mikaela Mässing or Jenny Carlson. ”

CLIP: Federation captain Tomas Axnér on Sweden's Olympic group (31 May 2021)

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The national handball team's national team captain Tomas Axnér before the Tokyo Olympics.

Photo: Bildbyrån