Chinanews client, Beijing, June 17th, another hearty 3:0 victory!

After defeating Turkey and Switzerland one after another, the Italian team became the first team to qualify from the group in this European Cup.

  Before the start of the second round of Group A, the 24 teams participating in the current European Cup all completed their appearances.

Among the several favorites to win, the performance of the Italian team is undoubtedly impressive.

The opening game of the tournament has always been difficult to play, but Italy not only defeated Turkey, but also won cleanly.

  In the early morning game against the Swiss team on the 17th, Beijing time, the Italian team continued the excellent state of the first game, and even the score was exactly the same.

Throughout the game, although the Italian team was not dominant in possession, it basically contracted all the excellent scoring opportunities, and the number of shots was far higher than the opponent.

  The deadlock was broken in the 26th minute.

The attack was launched from Italy's own half. Locatelli and Berardi pierced through the opponent's defense through cooperation, and the former easily completed the push and scored the goal.

  In the second half, Locatelli received an assist from Barrera and scored twice with a long shot from the top of the penalty area. The 23-year-old became the third in history to score two goals for Italy in the European Cup finals. player of.

  Before the end, Immobile used a long shot to finalize the score at 3:0.

In another match of the same group, Wales defeated Turkey 2-0, and the Italian team, which had won two big victories, had already secured a top 16 spot in advance.

  Today's Italian team seems to be somewhat different from the Italian team in the fans' past impressions.

Looking through the history of the European Cup, you will find that it is a difficult task for the Italian team, known for its defense, to score 3 goals in a single game during the regular time of the European Cup finals.

According to media statistics, before this tournament, this number was 0.

And now after two games, the number is 2.

  Statistics show that, including this game, the Italian team has been unbeaten in 29 consecutive games in all competitions, of which all of the nearly 10 games have won.

Some people may say that for the Italian team, winning in the world preliminaries and friendly matches does not explain too much, but the reality is: in these 10 games, the Italian team scored 31 goals and missed a goal, on both offensive and defensive ends All showed great strength.

Among them, it also includes two European Cup matches.

  In terms of value or popularity, the Italian team's big squad is difficult to compare with other favorites such as France, Belgium, England, etc. Of course, this is also related to the poor performance of the Serie A in the European war in recent years.

  For example, Locatelli, who shines in the game against the Swiss team, may not be familiar to many fans of the midfielder who plays for the Sassuolo club.

However, after getting rid of the interference caused by too much focus from the outside world, this young Italian team has a refreshing feeling.

  If you have to discuss the potential risks of the Italian team, then the injured departure of captain Chiellini may be one of the problems.

But the coach Mancini, who has trained the team so well, should find a solution.

  "I want to dedicate the first goal to my family and the second goal to the Italian fans, because we play to make them happy again." As Locatelli said after the game, the Italian team has already used The performance on the court proved that they are working hard for this.