On the night of December 5, 2013, Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic sank into chaos ... Extremely violent fighting broke out between the anti-balaka, mainly Christian insurgent militias and the Séléka formed by ex- Muslim rebels, in power since March.

Ousmane Hamadou is a Central African who works as a logistician for MSF.

Like the rest of the Muslim population, he is threatened with death and must flee to escape the massacres… What convinced him to leave everything?

And what did he do afterwards?

In the "Première Ligne" podcast, produced by Europe 1 Studio in partnership with MSF, Ousmane Hamadou, now a refugee in France, gives his testimony.

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"Première ligne" is a Europe 1 Studio podcast for Médecins Sans Frontières

Director: Julien Tharaud

Production: Timothée Magot with Agnès Varraine-Leca

Edition and distribution: Clémence Olivier with Salomé Journo

Head of Europe 1 Studio: Fannie Rascle

Archives: Laetitia Casanova, Sylvaine Denis, Sabrina Jeanson and Benoît Muckensturm