Thursday June 17,

The day after the show of force required, the atmosphere could not be more relaxed at the Bayern training center on Wednesday, which the Blues squatted for the occasion before taking off in stride to Budapest, to be there quite right for supper time as my late adored grandmother used to say.

As such (Hungary, not my grandmother), we can only advise them to taste the famous local goulash, a real wonder according to the 1978 Hungarian Goinfre Guide.

But we get lost.

So let's see what was done on this post-victory day against the Mannschaft.

The titus of Tuesday spared, big opposition for the replacements

Logically, the holders of the match against Germany were entitled to a very light session, based on running, stretching and massages.

Finally, when we say "the holders", we only speak of Pogba, Pavard, Rabiot, Kanté and Griezmann, the others (Benzema, Mbappé, Hernandez, Varane, Kimpembe and Lloris) having only appeared at the very end. session to attend the end of the match of those whom we will refrain from calling "hairdressers".

They blew up the cardio during a high intensity opposition during which Thomas Lemar was illustrated by some really not yucky goals.

Unlike a Dembouz not very successful and quite annoyed by his many missed passes.

Pogba and Kanté develop a plan of attack

After trotting, Paul Pogba, monstrous at the Allianz Arena, and N'Golo Kanté, not the last to go coal Tuesday night either, had a long discussion with one of Didier Deschamps' assistants.

Unfortunately, we didn't have enough hearing to tell you what the hell was going on, but it lasted a good ten minutes, before Capt'ain Lloris came to join the discussion group.

Varane, the knee and the subject of tension

Raphaël Varane did not leave the premises of Bayern, barely we saw him in a corner of the door swallowing the terminals on a stationary bike (we have not found a better run. Fitness bike, maybe? Yeah, blah). Still, the Real Madrid player took a seat in the videoconference room to answer questions from the press. Among other subjects, the central defender returned to the why and how the Blues had finally not put a knee to the ground as they had yet announced before the match.

From what we understood, they did not want to give grain to grind to the little minds who, in France, were indignant on the TV sets to see the Blues supporting an anti-racist cause.

"Obviously we support the fight against racism or all forms of discrimination, but we discussed it between us and we found that today, this gesture was more a subject of tension and tension", breathed the 'former Lensois.

But that Philippe De Villiers is reassured, he will always be able to vociferate at low cost against Didier Deschamps, who was surprised with a knee on the ground during the substitutes' match.

Oh shit, DD has just put one knee to the ground in training, so what does Philippe De Villiers say about it?


- Aymeric Le Gall (@AymericLeGall) June 16, 2021

Grizou plays her like Shilton

To end on a less controversial note, let's talk about Griezmann and his prowess as a goalkeeper.

After carefully watching the end of the match for those who had not played the day before, the Barcelona striker then indulged in his favorite end-of-session hobby: putting on the gloves and playing Peter Shilton (for the younger: he is a former goalkeeper who was treated to a memorable video game simulation at a time when you only existed in your parents' dreams).

And it is clear that in cages, Grizi is doing pretty well.

So does this man have no flaws ???

The program of the day

The Blues arrived in Budapest on Wednesday evening.

Thursday, after a closed-door training session in the Pearl of the Danube, two players will take their places in front of the media for the traditional videoconference of the day.


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