The 0: 1 against world champions France on Tuesday evening was a false start in the European football championship for the German national team, no question about it.

But that Joachim Löw looked like a penitent before the game in the interview with Katrin Müller-Hohenstein on ZDF, who wants to make himself small because of the shame, was an exaggeration.

Because it was actually a normal situation: a journalist interviewed national coaches.

But it just depends on the perspective: As Müller-Hohenstein

When asked Löw, they have to keep their distance, of course.

But Löw comes off pretty small.

This is also noticed by the audience.

Aylin Guler

Editor for social media.

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    Manon Priebe

    Editor for social media.

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      And then there was this very strange game scene.

      At first everything looks like a normal duel at the throw-in: Antonio Rüdiger is behind the French Paul Pogba, both of them jostle at first.

      The German defender first strokes his mouth over Pogba's shoulder and then bites slightly.

      The French cry out loud.

      The scene leaves you smiling, but also questioning.

      What was that?

      Why Rudiger took a bite remained unclear.

      But what worries the fans much more: Why does the scene go unpunished?

      After Rüdiger's nibble attack, Pogba complains to the assistant referee and demands consequences.

      The video assistant didn't intervene either.

      ZDF commentator Béla Rethy meanwhile spoke of a "friendly nibble":

      Michael Ballack, as an expert at


      , also expressed himself


      after the game.

      “Of course you don't want to see that.

      It doesn't belong on the soccer field, whatever Rüdiger has been riding, ”said the former German international.

      And what did Pogba say about the whole thing?

      ""He's a friend of mine.

      That was on the pitch, we clashed for a moment.

      This is over now, this is the past.

      “I'm not someone who shouts for a card.

      I think he bit me a little, that's friendly, we know each other well.

      “I felt that, I told the referee that and he then makes his decision.

      He didn't get a card, so much the better for everyone.

      I don't want him to be banned from doing that.

      We hugged at the end. "

      Many also remember the attack by Luis Suarez: The striker from Uruguay bit down against Italy's Giorgio Chiellini at the 2014 World Cup.

      He was then banned for four months


      But not only with this strange scene Rüdiger caused a sensation on the net: The defender showed himself with a black eye mask and was promptly compared to superhero Batman:

      Incidentally, the Chelsea player sustained a facial injury during a game against Real Madrid in the spring.

      In the subsequent second leg, he therefore competed with a carbon face mask for the first time.

      He still has to wear the dark mask for protection.

      Only after the European Championship should she get away.

      That's how long he remains the biting Batman.

      Or is it Zorro?