From our special correspondent in Munich,

The France team has successfully entered this Euro 2021 by typing, Tuesday evening, a Mannschaft which has not been successful against the Blues since the 2014 World Cup. Ironically, it is our executioner of the time, the returning Mats Hummels, who scored the only goal of the meeting with a beautiful csc under the bar.

If the evening ends at best for the Blues, we still came close to the drama before kick-off when a microlight that was flying over the stadium crashed just above the bench of the France team, making all the same two minor injuries. More fear than harm however, and we can therefore return to football to greet the French collective, which clearly confirmed its status as the big favorite of the competition on Tuesday evening.

Pogba, the real ones know.

You know us, we are not the type to throw flowers at each other (FALSE), but admit that we had a hollow nose by putting Paul Pogba, the sure guy par excellence during major international competitions, in the spotlight before the entry into contention of the Blues against Germany on Tuesday. As expected, the Pickaxe triggered warrior mode at the Allianz Arena, establishing itself directly as the boss and number one organizer of the game for the France team. His exterior of the right to chocolate, at the origin of the center-shot of Lucas Hernandez and of the goal against his camp of Hummels, our torturer of 2014, will remain as a model of the genre in a first period generally controlled by the Blues.

Rabiot wakes up the Mannschaft.

If the Germans were obviously not as picky as their supporters had sold us the days before the match, we almost believed they were right. Until Rabiot comes face to face with Neuer and finds the post (Grizou was only full axis, Adrien ...) with a strike from the left, which could have almost folded the match but which, instead, had the gift of shaking the gang to Joachim Löw. The approximately 2,000 French people present in the stands thus wet their Bermuda shorts on this cover of Gnabry, who came to flirt with the helm of a Lloris caught in the grip of the German public, we do not really know why.

Good, good and happiness.

We told them enough about this first match, victorious but unnamed ugly against Australia in 2018, to salute the performance of the Blues Tuesday night against an opposition otherwise hairier. The rare questions that we had after the two weeks of preparation, the Varane-Presko hinge, the full-backs (basically all the defense!), The understanding of the Grizi-Mbappé-Benzema space trio, quickly evaporated in the warm air of Munich.

If everything was not perfect - it never is the first time, we know it, you know it - the band at Deschamps clearly confirmed their status as big favorites of the competition and made us very, very wanting to quickly see them again.

We only regret these two pawns refused to Mbappé (66th) and Benzema (85th) for a story of centimeters, which would then have transformed an already so beautiful evening into an apotheosis.

But here we quibble.


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