Marcus Berg has tried to avoid social media since yesterday's match.

Both he and his wife have been hated on social media.

- It's something you know can happen.

I have shielded myself as best I can.

I am a football player and I missed a chance, which is incredibly heavy, but there will be more chances and you just have to try to let it go, he says and continues:

- It was heavy yesterday and heavy last night.

What is happening on social media is boring.

A report is made, then we will see where it leads, but it is not acceptable.

Children and young people who read it can also be affected by it.

I do not want anyone to have to take so much shit.

He is supported by national team captain Janne Andersson.

- For me, it is of course totally unacceptable.

Marcus is just like everyone else extremely proud to play championships and I can guarantee that no one goes out and is deliberately bad on the field.

That is completely unacceptable, he says.