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professional baseball, LG achieved a thrilling comeback victory over Kiwoom with Hong Chang-gi's final shot in the ninth and ran for two consecutive wins.

Correspondent Lee Seong-hoon.

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5th inning, which was dragged 2-0 by Kiwoom, in the crisis of one-out full base, Kiwoom Park Byeong-ho's batted ball escaped to the left wing, LG 3rd baseman Kim Min-sung nicely caught it and connected it to a fatal blow.

Min-seong Kim, who overcame the crisis due to a high rain, created a chance for 2-3 with a double in left middle after two outs in the 7th inning, and LG turned the game back to the origin with Oh Ji-hwan's two RBI justly hit.

LG, on the rise, played the opposite game against Kiwoom's closing pitcher Sang-woo Cho in the 9th.

After persistently picking the ball to create a two-out full base opportunity, Hong Chang-ki hit the right time in the two-run left-handed final in a situation where he was driven by a no-ball two strike.

LG, who had a 4-2 comeback win, got rid of the ride with leading KT with 2 consecutive wins.

Samsung took the lead with Lee Won-seok's full-base home run in the first inning, and then with Oh Seung-hwan's 20th save of the season, he overcame Doosan's pursuit and ran for three straight wins.

In this game, Samsung starting Kim Dae-woo was taken to the hospital in a dizzying accident, where he was hit with a ball in his ankle and Doosan relief pitcher Yoo Jae-yu's face.

Hanwha escaped from a three-game losing streak by knocking down Lotte Ace Strayley with a solo home run by Eun-won Jeong and a just-in-time hit by Noh Si-hwan in the first inning.