Epke Zonderland will not participate in the friendly gymnastics international against Great Britain in Rotterdam next month.

The 35-year-old Frisian thinks that the competition does not fit in with his preparation for the Olympic Games.

Zonderland previously declined to participate in the Qatar World Cup, which will also take place at the end of June.

On Monday it was announced that the Japanese Hidetaka Miyachi, his only competitor for an Olympic ticket on the horizontal bar, is missing from the list of participants in Doha.

This means that Zonderland, Olympic champion on the high bar in 2012, is theoretically now the winner of the Olympic classification on the high bar and is therefore allowed to go to Tokyo.

For Zonderland, that was a reason to reconsider his preparation.

"Epke will focus on his program in the coming weeks, which will lead to a return to the correct physical competition form," says his coach Daniel Knibbeler on Tuesday.

"From that perspective, we are very reluctant to participate in competitions."

The gymnastics international against the Olympic team of Great Britain will take place on June 23.

The Netherlands is represented by Bart Deurloo, Bram Verhofstad, Casimir Schmidt, Frank Rijken, Jermain Gr├╝nberg, Jordi Hagenaar, Loran de Munck, Martijn de Veer and Rick Jacobs.