It was not a dazzling Swedish game in the European Championship premiere.

But when referee Slavko Vinčić blew off for full time, Janne Andersson's Sweden had fixed a cross against Spain.

- We implemented our plan in a good way.

Except 15-20 first when we got too low too soon.

In the second half we get up a bit and then it gets better, except at the end.

As a whole, we are not a bit ashamed of this point, says Andersson.

- Of course they have some goal chances, Robin makes some nice saves, but we also have good situations, he continues.

"Extremely heavy score"

Sweden tried to start gaining time in fixed situations early in the second half.

Mikael Lustig was booked for kicking the ball away after the whistle.

This was met by shouts from the more than 17,000 spectators on site in Seville.

- If they live, it's good, then we have done something good, Andersson says.

The first match against Spain away was in advance the toughest for Sweden.

Now Slovakia is waiting for Friday, which took a somewhat surprising 2-1 victory against Poland earlier on Monday night.

- Taking a stick away against Spain is an enormously heavy point.

In the next match we have to play in a slightly different way, it is a different opposition, he says.