Come on, come on children of the motherland, this Tuesday is the big day: France faces Germany in its first match of the Euro, at 9 pm.

An issue never seen since the 2018 World Cup and the coronation of the Blues.

Except that in the meantime, the coronavirus has landed in our lives, which should change two or three things in the way of life and to celebrate the tricolor exploits.

Where and how to watch the Blues match? 

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Impossible to watch the matches on the terrace

We may have celebrated them since their return on May 19, the terraces will show all their limits this Tuesday: impossible to watch the France-Germany match, since it is not only forbidden for bars and restaurants to install screens outside, but also to turn their interior screens towards the terraces so that the smart ones outside can follow the meeting.

All this is aimed at avoiding possible gatherings that are not very Covid-friendly.

Go ahead, that could change on June 30, a new stage of deconfinement.

Inside a bar but with restrictions

Inside a restaurant or bar, screens are allowed, but watching the match is only possible under certain conditions: no more than six per table, no standing, and consumption at the table and not at the bar .

It may already seem "dreary atmosphere", but let us also remember that the indoor capacity is only 50% of the places normally available… Book if possible, or come very (very) early.

In fan zones

Fan-zones are decided on a case-by-case basis depending on the town halls and you must check with them.

We do not want to dry up your enthusiasm, but already few cities have opted for this option, and above all it will not be madness as in 2018: necessary distance between groups (no more than six), compulsory mask and obligation to stay seated.

The situation could also change on June 30, since several large cities are planning to set up a fan-zone such as Lille or Paris, with the obligation to present a health pass for fan-zones of more than 1,000 people.

At home / at a friend's house

At home, there are no more person limits since the third step of deconfinement, so you can be as many as you want.

But once again, the curfew is at 11 p.m., roughly the end of the game.

The match is available on Bein or M6, and watchable online on both sites.

Celebrate victory after 11pm?

The 11 p.m. curfew remains in effect, and according to information from BFMTV, the Interior Ministry plans to practice zero tolerance on Tuesday evening.

You will therefore have to try to be home before 11 p.m., knowing that, depending on the stoppage in play, the match could well end after 10.50 p.m.

How to pay the most attention from a health point of view?

Here are some simple tips to help keep the game as safe as possible, regardless of which option you choose. Open and ventilate the room you are in as much as possible: whether at the bar or at a friend's house, favor places with maximum ventilation (in addition, it is hot). Obviously, watching the game outside, in a garden or in a park, is ideal. Limit the number of people: because it is not because there is no longer any limitation in your place that good things should be abused. 

Wear the mask indoors: even between sips of a pint.

Do not shout or sing: yes, we know it's terrible for the patriotic fiber not to be able to bawl the “Marchoooons, marchooooooons” during the national anthem, or to howl on a Mbappé rush, but we never broadcast as many particles and droplets - and therefore of chance of transmitting the Covid - as when we shout or sing.

So much the worse for the "impure blood which waters our furrows".

Do not hug: well, that seems obvious, but avoid being too tactile with your friends even if we win 4-0.

This is only the beginning of the Euro and more, no need to ignite.

Come on, good match!


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