The 18-year-old talent Torri Huske broke the American record in the 100 meter butterfly last night.

The young swimmer finished in 55.78 and took over Dana Vollmer's previous record of 55.98, which she achieved at the 2012 Olympics.

Huske's results are the third best ever.

Ahead of her time is Sarah Sjöström's world record of 55.48, a time that the Swede reached as a 22-year-old at the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.

In between, in second place, is Yuei Zhang's record, 55.62, from 2020.

Split result

The 18-year-old swam the first 50 meters in 25.96 and the final sprint 50 meters in 29.82, compared to Vollmer's previous record of 26.39, 29.59.

To reach the Olympics, Huske needs to be among the top two in tomorrow's competition.

- I try not to think so much about it, to be honest, Huske told Swimming World recently regarding the Olympics.