Former Japan national rugby team Ayumu Goromaru held a retirement interview in Hamamatsu City and said, "I feel refreshed and have no regrets. From now on, I want to stay in Shizuoka and get involved in rugby from a management standpoint, not from the field. "I said my aspirations.

The 35-year-old Goromaru also played an active role as a representative of Japan, and at the 2015 World Cup, he attracted attention for his unique pose of holding hands when kicking a place kick.

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. announced that it will retire only this season, and lost in the second round of the top league playoff tournament in April, so it ended its life as an active player.

Goromaru held a retirement interview in Hamamatsu City on the 14th, and said that he was not a member due to injury and could not participate in the last game of active duty, "I could not show my play in the last game, but it ended. I feel that this is also the rigor of a professional. I feel refreshed and have no regrets. I am happy to have been able to play with the support of many people for 32 years. "

As for the future, it has been revealed that Yamaha Motor will continue to remain in Shizuoka and will be involved in the club team newly launched by Yamaha Motor for the new league starting in January next year, rather than in the field of coaches and coaches.

Goromaru said, "I wanted to participate in a professional club, not a corporate team, trying to take the lead and blow a new breeze. I learned management well and the rugby world is different from when I was a player. I want to contribute to the new challenge. "