On Friday, the European Championships started.

And on Monday night, it is Sweden's turn to play its first match in the tournament.

Spain stands for resistance.

Spain has won seven of the 15 international matches between the teams and Sweden has left with the victory on three occasions.

- It's a tough match, no talk about it.

Spain is an incredibly ball-skilled team with players who individually hold a high international class.

We need to come up with personal bests and be very careful, especially in our defensive game, says national team captain Janne Andersson to svenskfotboll.se and continues:

- But we have made good efforts against Spain before and we will do everything to get away from Sevilla with a good result.

Before tonight's match, he also takes the opportunity to send a greeting to the Swedish supporters.

- We feel your support and it means an incredible deal to us.

Then I promise we will run, run out of just hell.

Tough resistance

It is on the day 13 years ago when Sweden was set against Spain in the European Championship context.

Then the latter had to rejoice after winning 2-1.

The scorers in the match?

The Swedish consolation goal was scored by a certain Zlatan Ibrahimovic and for the red-clad Fernando Torres and David Villa found their way into the goal record.

- We have great respect for all teams in the group but it is clear that Spain must be seen as the favorite.

The sad but true answer is that it all depends on how the match ends.

The most important thing for me is that we do a good job.

Damage situation

Last week, the news came that two players, Mattias Svanberg and Dejan Kulusevski, tested positive for covid-19.

In addition, both Jens Cajuste and Albin Ekdal each suffered an injury.

But now the squad situation is starting to brighten.

- Apart from Dejan Kulusevski and Mattias Svanberg, who are unfortunately missing due to the corona, we have all the players available.

Jens Cajuste, who suffered a slight sprain last Saturday, is back and ready to play.

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