Chinanews client, Beijing, June 14th. Beijing time last night and this morning, the current European Cup entered the third match day of the group stage, with a total of 3 matches.

In the end, England defeated Croatia 1:0, Austria defeated North Macedonia 3:1, and the Netherlands narrowly defeated Ukraine 3:2.

  The focus of Group D between England and Croatia was played at Wembley Stadium.

England is one of the favorites to win this tournament, and Croatia is the runner-up of the World Cup.

Throughout the game, the two teams have basically the same ball possession rate. The number of shots is 8 to 8 and the number of shots is 2 to 2. The overall situation is a balanced contest.

However, in the creation of absolute opportunities, the England team is even better, which also helped them win in the end.

  The only goal of the game came in the 56th minute. Phillips sent a diagonal pass. Sterling rushed to finish the push in front of the defensive player. Although Livakovic touched the ball, he failed to prevent him from entering the net.

In addition to this goal, Fodeng hit the goal post in the first half and Kane also missed an excellent opportunity.

However, England eventually won the game 1-0.

  The game process between the Netherlands and Ukraine in Group C has been twists and turns.

The Dutch team is regarded as the favorite to win this tournament, but they won the first game difficult.

In the first half of the battle with Ukraine, neither side made any achievements, but the second half turned into a goal battle.

  Wijnaldum and Verhorst scored one after another within 6 minutes to help the Dutch team get a 2-0 lead.

But then Yarmolenko and Yaremchuk both scored goals, and the Ukrainian team equalized the score by lightning. The two goals were separated by only 4 minutes.

But before the end, Dumfries completed the lore, and finally the Netherlands defeated Ukraine 3:2 and ushered in a good start.

  In another match in the same group, Austria beat North Macedonia 3:1.

Reiner, Gregory and Anautovic contributed to Austria, and veteran Pandev scored the first goal of the European Cup for North Macedonia.

Austria currently ranks first in Group C, followed by the Dutch team.