China News Service Client, Beijing, June 14 According to the Chinese Athletics Association, the 2021 National Track and Field Championship and Olympic Trials ended on the 13th at Shangyu Sports Center in Shaoxing, Zhejiang.

On the last day of the competition, Gong Lijiao created the world's best result for women's shot put this year. She was confident in the Tokyo Olympics.

  The women's shot put final held in the morning of the same day attracted much attention. 4 Olympic athletes will compete for 3 places for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

The star Gong Lijiao was in excellent condition. She threw 19.43 meters in the first throw, and then she made persistent efforts. In the fifth and sixth tosses, she threw 19.90 meters and 20.31 meters, respectively. While winning the championship, 20.31 meters also created the world of this project this year. best result.

  Song Jiayuan continued the good momentum of the season and won the runner-up with 18.95 meters in the second throw.

The third place was won by Gao Yang with a score of 18.44 meters.

These three will represent the Chinese women's shot put in the Tokyo Olympics.

  After stepping off the field, Gong Lijiao said that she had fulfilled her promise to break through 20 meters before the game. The good results in this game made her confident in the next Tokyo Olympics.

"I think this gold medal is already in my pocket, so I am looking forward to the (Tokyo Olympics)."

  In less than 50 days before the Olympics, Gong Lijiao expressed that he would continue to polish his technical movements and gradually adjust his physical condition to the best.

  The men's long jump final also involves the competition for seats in the Tokyo Olympics. Before Huang Changzhou, Xinxinglong, and Zhang Yaoguang achieved the Olympics, Wang Jianan is expected to qualify for the Olympics by virtue of his points.

  After a fierce competition, Huang Changzhou won the championship by jumping 8.19 meters (+0.9 meters per second) in the third jump.

Xinxinglong and Zhang Jingqiang ranked second and third with scores of 8.13m (+1.2m/s) and 8.01m (+0.6m/s); Wang Jianan and Zhang Yaoguang ranked 5th and 6th respectively.

According to the current world rankings of men's long jump athletes, and according to the "Athletics Selection Measures for Tokyo Olympic Games" previously released by the Chinese Athletic Association, Huang Changzhou and Xinxinglong have won the Olympic Games seats, and Wang Jianan is expected to win the Chinese team's last Olympic place.

  After the game, Huang Changzhou, Gao Guanglong, and Wang Jianan all expressed dissatisfaction with their performance in this game, and there is still a lot of room for improvement. They believe that the next period of time is very important, and they will devote themselves to the preparations for the Tokyo Olympics.

  The men's 200-meter final in the evening suffered heavy rain. Xie Zhenye did not show his full strength, but he still hit the line first with a score of 20.57 seconds (-0.6 m/s).

Looking back at the Tokyo Olympics preparation cycle, Xie Zhenye said that although he encountered many difficulties, there are always more solutions than difficulties. He is full of confidence in the Tokyo Olympics.

  In other competitions, Chen Yang won the women's discus gold medal with 64.21 meters.

In the women's 3000-meter obstacle, Xu Shuangshuang ran out of 9:30.39 to win the gold.

In the men's pole vault final, Huang Bokai won the championship with 5.50 meters.

In the men's high jump final, Wu Guobiao won the championship with 2.20 meters.

In the men's 10,000m final, Dong Guojian won the championship with a score of 29:49.77.

In the men's 400m hurdles final, Xie Zhiyu won the championship with a result of 50.00 seconds.

In the women's 400m hurdles final, Zou Yifan won the championship in 58.18 seconds.

In the women's 200m final, Huang Guifen ran 23.53 seconds to win the championship.

In the women's 1500m final, Zheng Xiaoqian won the gold with 4:20.70.

In the men's shot put final, Tian Zi re-throwed 19.72 meters to win gold.

  In the men's 4x100m relay final, the Fujian team ran 39.36 seconds to win the gold.

In the women's 4x100m relay final, Zhejiang team won the championship in 45.29 seconds.

In the men's 4x200m relay final, the championship was won by the Fujian team with a score of 1:21.97.

In the women's 4X400m relay final, the Guangxi team ran 3:36.36 to win the gold.

In the men's 4X400m relay final, the Sichuan team won the championship with a result of 3:06.49.