Every day, Anicet Mbida makes us discover an innovation that could well change the way we consume.

This Monday, he is interested in the success of robot dogs which will soon be available to the general public, at more affordable prices.

The innovation of the day is man's best friend who becomes mechanical.

We no longer count the announcements of robot dogs.

Initially, it was research gear at exorbitant prices.

Soon, almost anyone will be able to buy it.

When we talk about robot dogs, we obviously think of the most famous of them: Spot, the yellow robot with four legs, without tail or head, from Boston Dynamics.

You've certainly seen his videos: he opens doors all alone, he dances, gets heckled with kicks… It's futuristic, a real technological gem, but it costs a trifle of 70,000 euros.

So it is rather reserved for professionals.

You should know that there are dozens of similar models.

And the last two to date, the AlphaDog and the Go1, are now targeting the general public with prices starting at € 2,000.

Which becomes much more affordable.

And they do the same as the famous Spot?


Visually, they are clones.

They move around independently.

They follow their master, manage to get around obstacles.

They can even do a back flip.

They are therefore technically impressive as well.

The question is, what are they going to be used for?

On the presentation videos, we see one, running next to his master while jogging, carrying a bottle of water.

Is !

It can also carry groceries.

But five kilos at most, so it doesn't go very far.

This is the problem with these technologies: as impressive as they are, if there is no use, they remain gadget.

Especially with their "Terminator" look, we don't really want to hug them.

Will it be cheaper for professionals?

We'll see ! But here again, the most obvious uses are military (demining, reconnaissance missions, etc.). Which will only rekindle the fantasy of killer robots. Exactly like in the series "Black Mirror" where a robot dog tracks down the last humans.