"Whoever beats Nadal loses Roland-Garros".

Novak Djokovic broke the adage, Sunday, June 13, in the final of the Parisian Grand Slam tournament by overthrowing Stefanos Tsitsipas after five sets.

This is the second victory of his career at Porte d'Auteuil.

On one side of the net, there were 82 titles on the circuit including 36 Masters 1000, on the other seven titles.

On the one hand, the prospect of getting closer to a length of the record of 20 major trophies jointly held by Nadal and Roger Federer, on the other the dream of a first Grand Slam coronation, a few weeks after a first Masters 1000 title. (Monte Carlo).

The yellow ball finally fell on the side of the old lion, whose experience of major meetings undoubtedly weighed.

He became the first player of the Open era (since 1968), the third in history after Roy Emerson and Rod Laver, to win at least twice each of the four majors.

A first set hung

Tsitsipas had won the coin toss and chose to serve first with the idea of ​​putting pressure on Djokovic. However, paralyzed by the stake of his first Grand Slam final, the young Greek lines up three faults on his service. A weakness that the outsider of the day ends up settling: he connects two "Ace" to win the very first game of this final.

From the top of his 29 Grand Slam finals, Novak Djokovic does not have such modesty: he inflicts a shutout on his opponent of the day on his first three services, the second concluded with a very nice top-down cushioning that leaves his opponent on the ball joints.

The youngster is not left out.

He literally manages to knock his opponent down.

After an arm wrestling from the baseline, Djokovic achieves a cushion.

The Greek is on it and traps the world n ° 1 on a shock absorber.

Too short, the Serbian falls in his slide.

Moments later, he even forced the winner Nadal to save a set point.

In the process, "Nole" believes he has done the hardest with a break, but Stefanos Tsitsipas immediately cancels it.

The first round is therefore settled in the decisive game: while Stefanos Tsitsipas has all the cards in hand to take the first set at world number 1, he lets Djokovic go up to 5-5.

The Greek recovered and won a first round which lasted 1 h 09.  

Novak Djokovic in full doubt after his first set lost.

© Pierre René-Worms, France 24

In full confidence, the young wolf made the entry break in the second round.

Djokovic, head bowed, appears marked by the set conceded and perhaps by the physical and mental energy left in his dantesque semi-final against Nadal.

Pushed by the public of a Philippe-Chatrier acquired to the outsider, Tsitsipas shows himself imperial and makes doubt the world number 1, to the point of conceding a second break on his fourth serve and taking the second set (6-2) .

At the foot of the wall, Djokovic returns

As his round of 16 against Musetti proved, Novak Djokovic is however never more dangerous than when he is up against the wall.

The world number 1 made the break in the third set, despite great resistance from the Greek.

For the latter, the demons of the semi-final, when he let Alexander Zverev come back to two sets everywhere, are not far away.

The third round falls into the hands of the Serbian in 45 minutes (6-3).

Fourth complicated set for Tsitsipas.

© Pierre René-Worms, France 24

"Tsitsipas! Tsitsipas!"

The Philippe-Chatrier court may well encourage his champion, the Greek seems close to breaking.

Opposite, Djokovic unrolls and wins four consecutive games.

The lesson is terrible for the young tennis player: the old lion refuses to die (6-2).

Everything is therefore based on a decisive fifth set, a configuration which is one of the specialties of the "Djoker".

The referee must repeat it several times to obtain silence and allow the round to proceed.

If during their first face-off, the two opponents surrender blow for blow, Djokovic snatches the break from the Greek on the following play and confirms it with a shutout in the wake, concluded by a winning service. 

Superior on his services, Novak Djokovic does not leave Stefanos Tsitsipas the opportunity to return and finally closes the case on his third match point (6-4).

By lifting the Musketeers Cup for the second time, the world number comes back to a record length of 20 Grand Slam titles held by Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

Until Wimbledon ...

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