• The doctor who treated Eriksen: "When we got to him, he was breathing and had a pulse, but then his situation changed"

  • Hospitalized Eriksen collapses in the middle of Denmark-Finland

Almost 24 hours after

Christian Eriksen

passed out at Copenhagen's Parken Stadium, doctors still don't know what happened to him. "We do not have an explanation, I cannot answer that question", explained the doctor of the Denmark team,

Morten Boesen

, when asked about the reasons that led to the collapse of the Inter Milan footballer, who is still hospitalized but in good condition after the tremendous scare he experienced.

The reason for his stay in a Copenhagen hospital is precisely the ignorance of the causes that led to the incident. According to Boesen, cardiology specialists are subjecting Eriksen to various tests (so far with positive results) to discover the ailment that caused his fainting, but so far they have been inconclusive. The doctor also claimed that all routine heart tests prior to Saturday's game had yielded positive results.

Boesen, without going into excessive detail, did confirm that Eriksen went into cardiac arrest (he used the English expression "

he was gone

", literally "he had gone") and that he had to be "resuscitated" by means of cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers.

"It was all very fast, I do not know how close we were to his death,"

said Boesen, still visibly affected by what he had to live this Saturday in Copenhagen.

Hours before, Inter had communicated that Eriksen has not passed the covid nor has he been vaccinated.

"We shouldn't have played"

The press conference was also attended by the Danish coach,

Kasper Hjulmand

, and the technical director of the Danish federation,

Peter Moller

, who confirmed that they decided to continue in the game because Eriksen asked his players to do so. However, they now agree that "the decision was not the correct one." "Nobody should blame the players and not UEFA, there was no pressure on the part. But looking at the players today, I think we should not play," said Moller.

"They were in 'shock', for a while they didn't know if they had lost their best friend. Maybe we should have got on the bus, went home and waited to see what would happen in the following days.

Afterwards it was very positive to see him smile, he encouraged us to play and we decided to do it for him


It was a difficult decision, but I think we were wrong

. I don't have a clear conscience right now, but at the same time I am very proud of the team's reaction, their team spirit, their compassion and his love, "added the Danish coach.

With Eriksen out of the woods, the Denmark national team must now deal with the emotional impact of everything around them.

Both on Saturday and Sunday, the Danish internationals have received psychological help to cope with the trauma.

"Each player experiences it in a different way.

His lost gaze, resuscitation, seeing his wife ... We need to reflect on the images that are now in our brain to be able to assimilate them

. It is not something that we will forget one day. for another, we need to deal with them, "Hjulmand reflected.

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