The Tokyo Olympics national team deciding match was held in the men's wrestling freestyle 57 kg class, and Yuki Takahashi won 4-2 and was appointed as the national team.

Takahashi is the first Olympic representative to be appointed.

Yuki Takahashi, who was appointed as the representative of the Tokyo Olympics in the men's freestyle 57 kg class, is 27 years old from Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture.

The greatest characteristics are the power to move forward and apply pressure to retreat the opponent, the stamina that the momentum does not decrease even at the end of the game, and the "counter" that returns the opponent's attack and steals points.

As a top lightweight player, he was regarded as a leading player at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, but he lost in the last domestic tournament and missed out.

After that, in the men's freestyle of the 2017 World Championships, he won the gold medal for the first time in 36 years and drew attention and left the bronze medal result in 2018 as well.

The world championship of Otoshi (19), which also served as the representative selection for the Tokyo Olympics, finished in 10th place, and it seemed that the All Japan Championship of that year was also defeated by Rei Higuchi, and it seemed desperate to become a representative, but it was a little I continued to practice for the possibilities.

As a result, Higuchi was disqualified from the Tokyo Olympics Asian qualifying round in April, so he was selected as the representative of the world qualifying round last month (May) and won the championship to win the Japanese national team in this class. ..

He also won the playoffs with Higuchi and was appointed as the first Olympic representative.