Soccer team captain Son Heung-min showed off his pleasant talk after meeting with fans through video. The best match of my life was the Russia World Cup against Germany. 

Correspondent Lee Jeong-chan.


Son Heung-min, who is exuding a unique energy at the training ground these days, boosting the 'excitement' of the Bentuho,

pleasantly conveyed the national team atmosphere to the fans whom he met through the video

[Ooh, I like it]


[Son Heung-min / Soccer team captain: Jae-seong loosened his hair after the game. 'What?' I was surprised by this. I blew the wind. It's hot.]

While fighting with Shin-wook Kim, who has been called 'Tom and Jerry' duo since the youngest days of the national team,

[Heung-min Son/Soccer Team Captain: You stutter a little when you're embarrassed.] He

faithfully answered fans' questions.

When asked to pick the best game of his life, he did not hesitate to choose the Russia World Cup match against Germany.

[Son Heung-Min / football team captain: It won over the garage at the stage of the World Cup to the captain, FIFA ranking was the game in that anybody really tremendous sense -

put also candidly confessed the pain associated with a header while air superiority the flies ride Kim Shin-wook I did.

[Son Heung-min / Soccer team captain: Shin-wook hyung's header is as strong as my shot. When it comes to heading to me, I get embarrassed. I broke my arm while heading. Inde share of it was like to be overcome trauma.]

Son Heung-Min spent most of the season the best season, 22 goals in Tottenham, promised tomorrow (13th) and Lebanon former propaganda had finished the meeting with the fans.

[Son Heung-min / Soccer Team Captain: For me, this is the last game of the season, so I can confidently promise that I will do my best to achieve the 'Beauty of



(Video Edit: Park Chun-bae)