The Japan national football team of the Tokyo Olympic generation held an official practice in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, ahead of the final match against Jamaica on the 12th for member selection.

On the 12th, the Japanese national team under the age of 24 will play a warm-up game with the Jamaica national team, who has no age restrictions, at Toyota Stadium.

Official practice was held at the venue on the 11th, and both captains Maya Yoshida and Yukinari Sugawara, who are from Toyota Stadium-based Grampus, practiced the pass in a relaxed atmosphere and were in good condition. It was.

The warm-up game on the 12th was the last game to be held before the selection of members for the Tokyo Olympics, and the players vowed to play an active role as they were in the 18-player limit.

Sugawara said, "I think it's a great opportunity for me to be able to play the final match before the selection at Toyota Stadium. I want to fight to contribute to the victory of the team and show myself firmly."

Director Akinobu Yokouchi said, "If we go on like this, I think the three overage players will be members, but I would like to think about the other players again after the match tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing how much it will show. "