Secretary-General Muto of the Organizing Committee of the Games told reporters on the 10th that the public viewings scheduled for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics were being canceled one after another. He showed the idea of ​​applying the idea of ​​restricting the holding of government events to make decisions.

At the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, a larger event called a "live site" where public viewing, competition experience events, food sales, etc. can be held is planned, but the local government will cancel it due to the infection situation of corona. Are one after another.

Regarding this, Secretary-General Muto said, "I would like to respect the decisions of local governments when making decisions where local governments take the lead."

On top of that, regarding the overall judgment of the event related to the tournament, "We have not decided what to do with general treatment. I think that the audience limit, infection situation, and the government's policy on the event will also affect it, so please take that into consideration. I would like to consider whether to think about it. "