Commentator profile Jacob Hård is one of the names that Swedish Radio presented as this year's summer talker today.

Hård has for several years guided the viewers through the sport's big and small events and won the 2020 Grand Journalist Award.

What the listeners will hear from the 66-year-old this time is not completely crystal clear, yet.

- I puzzle small pieces here and there.

Hope I can offer a laugh, says Hård.

"Behind-the-scenes mishaps"

But sports lovers do not have to worry, it will revolve around his professional life as a sports journalist.

- I will tell about moments that have touched, and some mishaps behind the scenes.

This will be the first time that the sports journalist speaks as a summer host.

- It is very honoring.

I felt it was a thing you can not really say no to.

Hård's summer talk will be broadcast on July 24.