At Roland-Garros,

Novak Djokovic was not very nice to the organizers of Roland.

While he had two serves to conclude in the tie-break of the third set, Wednesday night a little before 10:30 p.m., he completely missed out and let Matteo Berrettini take this round.

Result, a quarter-final which lasts, with the painful prospect of having to put the spectators out at 11:00 pm because of the curfew.

It was not lacking. The first announcement of announcer Marc Maury, at the start of the fourth round, was loudly whistled. The following even more. "We're going to stay, we're going to stay," began to sing a few people in the stands. Faced with sympathetic resistance from the public, the supervisor had no other choice but to bring the players into the locker room, the time to evacuate everyone. "It is shameful," replied a few.

"Of course, for them, it was the best strategy, otherwise we would all stay, laughs Moez at the exit of the court.

We were anyway hot to stay.

“With his friend Simon, he is one of those who were just starting to heat up, at the same time as the Italian player.

“It was getting tense there, it was great,” exclaims Simon.

Frankly, we thought that we would be encouraged to leave but that there would be tolerance anyway.

It was the only night session with more public, they could have made an exception.


"Anyway, we are already outlaw"

The two friends believe that as for the cinema, their ticket could have served as a derogation. A little further, another spectator is a little more virulent. “We are talking about respect for the players, but that for the spectators, then ?, asks Cédric. It's a real relationship between the players and the audience. If Berrettini won a set, it is a bit thanks to us too, perhaps. There he will have to continue on his own, I'm not sure he's happy. "

We can bet on it, indeed.

The Italian, with his big forehand satchels sent from all corners of the court, had put the audience in his pocket.

Privilege of the outsider that we want to push, too.

Eventually, the match resumed at 11:15 p.m., and Djokovic closed the case.

Some spectators were still wandering the aisles.

"In any case, we are already outlaw", we hear in the distance, noting the incongruity of the situation.

Come on, it will be better next year.

Finally we hope so.


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