China News Service, June 9th. On the afternoon of the 9th, the Chinese Volleyball Association issued a message to mourn the former Chinese men's volleyball team leader Feng Zhenghai who died on the 7th due to illness.

  Born in 1935, Feng Zhenghai began to practice volleyball in 1953. In 1957, he was selected as the main attacker and captain of the Chinese Men's Volleyball Team.

After retiring in 1965, Feng Zhenghai served as the head coach of Zhejiang Men's Volleyball and Women's Volleyball Team, and the head coach of Xinjiang Military Region Volleyball Team. He has trained a large number of excellent coaches and athletes such as Xu Jiande, Yu Juemin, Wang Hebing, Ma Fang, Zhou Suhong and so on.

  After retirement, Feng Zhenghai is still working in the front line of volleyball and has made positive contributions to the development of volleyball in China.

  The Chinese Volleyball Association commented: "He has comprehensive skills, good smashing techniques, and clear route. He is decent, open-minded, and loves volleyball all his life. He has dedicated his life to Chinese volleyball." (End)