- She was the first one we asked so it was resolved immediately when Angelica came to the hotel.

She has helped her at some point before and did not think it was the slightest problem to pull in now either, says the Swedish pole vault star's agent Daniel Wessfeldt to the newspaper.

The news comes the day after Bengtsson's coach Peter Widén abruptly ended the collaboration.

The solution with Romanova, who trains Bengtsson's competitor Ansjelika Sidorova, is only temporary and Bengtsson is looking for a more permanent solution before the Olympics in Tokyo in July.

Angelica Bengtsson is the only Swedish competitor at the DL gala in Florence.

CLIP: Coach Peter Widén and Angelica Bengtsson have broken off their collaboration

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Angelica Bengtsson and Peter Widén have broken off their collaboration.

Photo: Bildbyrån.