In the wheelchair section of the French Open, the four major tennis tournaments held in Paris, Yui Kamiji of the women's singles lost to the Dutch player who ranked first in the world in the final, and did not win the tournament for the second time in a row. ..

Uechi, the world's second-largest player who won the tournament last year in the women's singles, played against the world's No. 1 Dutch player Diede De Float in the final held on the 6th for the second consecutive victory.

Uechi broke the opponent's service game with various shots in the first game of the first set, but after that he was caught up and was able to make a sharp backhand in a row in the tenth game which was his service game. I dropped this set 4-6.

In the second set, the serve was not stable and he made a mistake at a key point in the stroke, so he was robbed by 3-6 and lost on a straight with a set count of 0 to 2 and did not win the fifth time in a row for two years.

This is the 10th time Uechi has met Defloat in the finals of the four major tournaments, and his match record is 2 wins and 8 losses.