There was little to complain about in the last gig of the season.

The women of FC Bayern performed the final task brilliantly on Sunday and secured the German championship title.

There was only a problem with the coordination of the various musical performances.

The Munich players had to mobilize all their strength again after the final whistle, but this time only verbally to overrule the club anthem that echoed from the loudspeakers with their songs of joy.

But they also succeeded in doing that, just like the performance on the pitch before. With the 4-0 victory over the last strong women from Eintracht Frankfurt, Bayern crowned a brilliant season. "You played great football and deservedly won the German championship," said Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Chairman of the Board, who was leaving at the end of the month. "It was practically the perfect season."

When Simone Laudehr and the injured captain Lina Magull received the championship trophy at 4:05 p.m., not only an exciting Bundesliga season ended, but also a great career.

For Laudehr it was “the perfect end”, as she herself said.

After ten second places, she, who has won everything from World Cup titles to Champions League, won the championship for the first time in her last game.

That is what she said she had been working towards for 17 years.

It is the fourth championship title for the Munich women after 1976, 2015 and 2016.

"The trust is limitless"

The Bayern women had started the season with 17 wins in a row and allowed themselves one defeat and one draw. But this yield was not enough to secure the title before the last match day. With VfL Wolfsburg, the Munich team was hot on the heels of the team that won the double in the past four years.

The Munich women had two points ahead of the game and a goal difference of 23 hits better than the pursuers from Lower Saxony. One point would have been enough to maintain the top of the table, but limiting yourself to this minimum yield or even hoping for a slip by Wolfsburg was not an option. “The trust in my players is limitless,” said coach Sven Scheuer. And the performance of the Bayern women was pretty masterful right from the start.

The opponents from Hesse, who had recently fought at eye level against Wolfsburg both in the league and in the cup final, hardly got a chance to play their typical game of change, so busy they were keeping the Munich women away from their own goal. This only succeeded until the 17th minute when Linda Dallmann met for the first time. The striker made it 2-0 eight minutes later. After the break, Laura Störzel made it 3-0 for Bayern (54th) with an own goal. In the last minute, Lea Schüller scored to make it 4-0. When the Munich team cheered the goal, the final whistle sounded - and the next Bavarian championship party began.