A tournament where top athletes from Japan on land gathered was held in Niigata City, and Yuki Hashioka, who is aiming to participate in the Tokyo Olympics in the men's long jump, won the championship with a good record of 8 meters and 23 centimeters, aiming for this month's Japan Championship, which also serves as a representative selection. I gained momentum.

The athletics competition, "Denka Athletics Challenge Cup," is one of the Grand Prix series, and top athletes from Japan participated in a wide range of track and field events ahead of the Japan Championships later this month, which also served as the representative selection for the Tokyo Olympics.

Of these, Shotaro Shiroyama, who has a personal best of 8 meters and 40 centimeters in Japan's record for the men's long jump, Hashioka, who is second in history at 8 meters and 32 centimeters, and Hibiki Tsuha, who is fourth in history at 8 meters and 23 centimeters, are already in the Olympics. Three people who have broken the standard participation record have come together.

Hashioka suddenly jumped 8 meters and 19 centimeters under the condition of a headwind of 0.2 meters for the first time, and jumped 8 meters and 23 centimeters for the second time under favorable conditions with a tailwind of 1.3 meters, surpassing the participation standard record by 1 centimeter again. I marked the record and won the championship.

Tsunami was second with 7 meters and 86 centimeters, and Shiroyama was 7 meters and 35 centimeters with 12th place.

If the three of them finish in 3rd place at the Japan Championships, which will start on the 24th of this month, they will be appointed as the Olympic representatives on the spot.

Hashioka said, "I was positioned to make adjustments to the Japan Championships, but I think I was able to set a record that broke the standard participation record again. I want to do my best to win the Japan Championships and win the national team." I did.