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Good morning and welcome to this live blog on NU.nl.

My name is Patrick Moeke and I will keep you informed of all developments regarding the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan.

Lots of fun!

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a few seconds ago


#AzerbaijanGP #F1


AuthorFormula 1Moment of places13: 26 - June 5, 2021

a few seconds ago


- Qualifying results for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix:

  • Charles Leclerc

  • Lewis Hamilton

  • Max Verstappen

  • Pierre Gasly

  • Carlos Sainz

  • Lando Norris

  • Sergio PerezI

  • Yuki Tsunoda

  • Fernando Alonso

  • Valtteri Bottas

  • a few seconds ago


    - Tsunoda slams into the guardrail in the same spot where Ricciardo crashed.

    Sainz is startled by this and slows down.

    a few seconds ago

    a few seconds ago

    Sainz joined Yuki at Turn 3


    AuthorMattzel89Moment of places13: 23 - June 5, 2021

    a few seconds ago

    CODE RED - Crash between Sainz and Tsunoda.

    Charles Leclerc takes pole, ahead of Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

    a few seconds ago

    1 more minute (Q3)

    - The driver who takes the optimal slipstream conquers pole position today.

    a few seconds ago

    2 more minutes (Q3)

    - The drivers start a last attempt to improve their time.

    a few seconds ago

    2 more minutes (Q3)

    - The score:

  • Leclerc

  • Hamilton

  • Verstappen

  • gasly

  • Sainz

  • norris

  • Perez

  • Tsunoda

  • Alonso

  • bottas

  • a few seconds ago

    a few seconds ago

    Another 3 minutes (Q3)

    - Verstappen is not happy with the instructions from his team.

    "You guys need to be a little clearer about the differences in the third sector."

    Verstappen had a tow from Pérez, but compared to Hamilton and Bottas he was much further away

    a few seconds ago

    Another 6 minutes (Q3)

    - Hamilton takes advantage of a slipstream from Bottas and climbs to second place.

    As a result, Verstappen drops to third position.

    Leclerc is therefore surprisingly the fastest.

    a few seconds ago

    Another 7 minutes (Q3)

    - Verstappen clocked the second time in his first timed round.

    Charles Leclerc is three tenths faster and that is a big gap.

    In addition, both Mercedes drivers have yet to complete their first fast lap.

    a few seconds ago

    Another 9 minutes (Q3)

    - Verstappen will at least receive a slipstream from teammate Pérez.

    a few seconds ago

    9 more minutes (Q3)

    - The drivers start their first (of basically two) timed lap.

    a few seconds ago

    a few seconds ago

    9 more minutes (Q3)

    - Who gets a 'tow' from whom?

    By taking a slipstream from the driver in front of you, you can easily win several tenths.

    Q3 promises to be a tactical chess game.

    a few seconds ago

    10 more minutes (Q3)

    - Green!

    The decisive qualifying session starts.

    Who will take pole position in the streets of Baku?

    a few seconds ago

    All Q2 figures in a row.

    🏁 Q2 CLASSIFICATION 🏁The gap between the top five = 0.034s 🤯 #AzerbaijanGP 🇦🇿 #F1


    AuthorFormula 1Moment of places13: 06 - June 5, 2021

    a few seconds ago

    The drivers who will compete for pole position:

  • Max Verstappen

  • Sergio PerezI

  • Lewis Hamilton

  • Yuki Tsunoda

  • Charles Leclerc

  • Carlos Sainz

  • Lando Norris

  • Pierre Gasly

  • Valtteri Bottas

  • Fernando Alonso

  • a few seconds ago

    FINISH (Q2)

    - And with that, Q2 ends.

    Max Verstappen is the fastest, but the differences are minimal.

    The dropouts:

    11. Sebastian Vettel

    12. Esteban Ocon

    13. Daniel Ricciardo

    14. Kimi Raikkönen

    15. George Russell

    a few seconds ago

    a few seconds ago

    CODE RED - Daniel Ricciardo is next to crash.

    The Australian, who is already experiencing a disappointing season at McLaren, will start in thirteenth place tomorrow.

    a few seconds ago

    Another 2 minutes (Q2)

    - Verstappen is already at the top, but does not take any risks and goes on the road anyway.

    a few seconds ago

    Another 3 minutes (Q2)

    - Valtteri Bottas (P9) is still absolutely sure of a place in Q3.

    The Finn will have to improve.

    2 minutes ago

    Another 5 minutes (Q2)

    - In the danger zone:

    7. Gasly

    8. Bottas

    9. Alonso

    10. Vettel

    11. Ocon

    12. Tsunoda

    13. Ricciardo

    14. Räikkönen

    15. Russell

    4 minutes ago

    7 more minutes (Q2)

    - Fastest time Max Verstappen!

    Despite a bad first sector, the Dutchman tops the times list.

    The differences are minimal.

  • Verstappen - 1.41.625

  • Perez - +0.005

  • Hamilton - +0.009

  • Leclerc - +0.034

  • 4 minutes ago

    5 minutes ago

    Another 8 minutes (Q2)

    - Hamilton clocks the second time and is only four thousandths slower than Pérez.

    In the third sector, the Mercedes is by far the fastest.

    Bottas has to settle for seventh place, while Verstappen is now fifth.

    7 minutes ago

    Another 10 minutes (Q2)

     - Sergio Pérez is the fastest for the time being, while Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas abort their lap.

    So the Mercedes drivers have to turn on again.

    8 minutes ago

    Another 11 minutes (Q2)

    - Verstappen is on his way very quickly, but notes a bad third sector and has to settle for provisional third place.

    9 minutes ago

    Heading out for Q2!

    🤩Time to go from 15 drivers to our final 10 👀 #AzerbaijanGP 🇦🇿 #F1


    AuthorFormula 1Moment of places12: 48 - June 5, 2021

    10 minutes ago

    Another 13 minutes (Q2)

    - Verstappen and Hamilton, among others, are immediately on the road.

    Who sets the tone in the second qualifying session?

    12 minutes ago

    15 more minutes (Q2)

    - Green!

    The second qualifying session is underway.

    14 minutes ago

    All Q1 numbers in a row.

    🚨 Q1 CLASSIFICATION 🚨Hamilton leads the way but the Red Bull drivers aren't far behind 👀 #AzerbaijanGP 🇦🇿 #F1


    AuthorFormula 1Moment of places12: 43 - June 5, 2021

    15 minutes ago

    We are through to Q2 👊 Max advances in P2 with a 1:41.760 and Checo is P3 with a 1:41.968 👏 #AzerbaijanGP 🇦🇿


    AuthorRed Bull Racing HondaMoment of places12: 43 - June 5, 2021

    17 minutes ago

    🏁 ELIMINATED IN Q1 🏁LatifiSchumacherMazepinStrollGiovinazzi #AzerbaijanGP 🇦🇿 #F1


    AuthorFormula 1Moment of places12: 41 - June 5, 2021

    17 minutes ago

    FINISH (Q1)

    - Lewis Hamilton advances to Q2 fastest.

    Max Verstappen finishes second.

    The dropouts:

    16. Nicholas Latifi

    17. Mick Schumacher

    18. Nikita Mazepin

    -- Lance Stroll

    -- Antonio Giovinazzi

    20 minutes ago

    1 more minute (Q1)

    - There's Lewis Hamilton!

    With 1.41.545, the Mercedes driver clocked the fastest time.

    The seven-time world champion has the car back in order at just the right time.

    22 minutes ago

    Another 3 minutes (Q1)

    - In the danger zone: 

    11. Tsunoda

    12. Alonso

    13. Räikkönen

    14. Norris

    15. Latifi

    16. Russell

    17. Mazepin

    18. Schumacher

    -- Stroll

    -- Giovinazzi

    24 minutes ago

    Another 5 minutes (Q1)

    - Hamilton records a purple third sector and clocks the fourth time.

    Basically that's good enough to move on to Q2.

    Bottas does not get past the ninth time, while Verstappen is once again the fastest of everyone in the second sector.

    27 minutes ago

    Another 7 minutes (Q1)

    - A little later than the rest, Max Verstappen also sets out.

    It's busy on the asphalt.

    28 minutes ago

    8 more minutes (Q1)

    - Are we going to finish the session now?

    Max Verstappen will keep his Red Bull in the pits for the time being.

    28 minutes ago

    9 more minutes (Q1)

    - For the third time we start Q1!

    29 minutes ago

    Hamilton is told over the radio that he was only a tenth slower than Verstappen just before the red flag.

    "That's not bad, but we still have to be able to do a lap," said the Briton.



    AuthorPatrick MoekeMoment of places12: 28 - June 5, 2021

    33 minutes ago

    This could be a long afternoon.

    The slider by Antonio Giovinazzi in the picture.

    Did someone say turn 15?

    👀Antonio Giovinazzi is next to hit the wall at the exit of the bend 💥Who's next?

    🥲 #ZiggoSportF1 #F1 #AzerbaijanGP🇦🇿


    AuthorZiggo Sport F1Moment of places12: 24 - June 5, 2021

    34 minutes ago

    🚩 RED FLAG 🚩Turn 15 bites again 💥Giovinazzi is the latest driver to find the Baku barriers ❌ #AzerbaijanGP 🇦🇿 #F1


    AuthorFormula 1Moment of places12: 22 - June 5, 2021

    35 minutes ago


    - This code red is not very nice for the ten drivers who haven't set a time yet.

    These include Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton.

    38 minutes ago

    CODE ROOD - Kort nadat Max Verstappen de snelste tijd klokt - en dat is dus precies op tijd - crasht Antonio Giovinazzi. De Alfa-coureur parkeert zijn auto net als Verstappen, Leclerc en Stroll in bocht 15.

    Terug omhoog