The Japan Open of the swimming race, in which the representatives of the Tokyo Olympics are participating, was held on the third day, and Rikako Ikee was second in the women's 100m freestyle in 54.26 seconds.

The Japan Open is the last major swimming competition before the Tokyo Olympics, and 33 representatives have entered as part of the strengthening for the actual performance.

On the 5th, the competition on the third day of the tournament was held at the venue in Narashino City, Chiba Prefecture, and Ikee, who has been nominated as the representative in the second relay event, participated in the women's 100m freestyle.

Ikee, who passed the qualifying in 1st place overall with a time of 54.33 seconds, was delayed by one head in the final race due to the rise immediately after the start, and returned to 2nd place in the first half.

In the second half, he caught up with his characteristics, but lacked growth and did not reach the top, finishing second at 54.26 seconds.

The winner was Chihiro Igarashi, who is also a member of the women's 400m relay, with a time of 54.14 seconds.

In addition, in the men's 200-meter individual medley, Daiya Seto was third at 1: 59.30 and Kosuke Hagino was fourth at 1: 59.43.

Seto also participated in the men's 200m butterfly final, which took place about 20 minutes before the race, finishing fifth at 1: 57.74.

Yui Ohashi won the women's 200-meter individual medley at 2: 10.49.

Ikee "I couldn't race myself"

Regarding the women's 100-meter freestyle final, Ikee said, "I couldn't race myself because of tension. I had only the experience of winning against the top players in the Japan Championship in April, and I was worried. There was. "

Currently, we are in the process of strengthening for the Tokyo Olympics, which is less than 50 days before the opening, so regarding the time that was 0.28 seconds behind the Japan Championship in April, "I thought I could extend the time from the Japan Championship, but I realized that it wasn't a sweet world. I didn't mean to lose and I was full of regrets. "

On the other hand, in the morning qualifying, I swam assuming that the final will be held at the same time, so "Today my goal was to swim well from the qualifying. In the actual performance, I think the important point is to be able to move in the morning, "he said.