In the Japan Tour Championship, which will be the first major domestic tournament for men's golf, the rest of the second round and the third round will be held in Ibaraki Prefecture, and Ryosuke Kinoshita, who has not yet won the tour, has increased the score, totaling 11 I kept the lead as an under.

Kinoshita, who started in 2nd place with 4 strokes behind, increased his score by 4 with 5 birdies and 1 bogey in the 3rd round, and kept the lead with 4 strokes behind 2nd place with a total of 11 under. It was.

Ryuichi Oiwa and Yuta Furukawa, both 23 years old, are in second place, and Okawa Sugihara, an amateur college student, is in fourth place with a one-stroke difference.