The second round of the US Women's Open, the second round of this season's women's golf, was held in California on the 4th, and 19-year-old Yuka Saso took the lead with a total of 6 under.

Sasao started the second round with 2 under 6th place, 2 strokes behind the lead, and shot sharp shots in rapid succession to improve the score from the first half.

In the second half, he continued to play steadily, and in the second round, he increased his score by 4 with 6 birdies and 2 bogies, and took the lead by 1 stroke to 2nd place with a total of 6 under.

Sasao said, "I enjoyed it today. The shots were stable and the putters came in a little bit. I want to do my best in this condition."

Nasa Hataoka increased her score by two and moved up from 26th to 9th with a total of 1 under.

Ayako Uehara is 47th with a total of 5 overs.

Hinako Shibuno, who finished 4th in the previous tournament held in December last year, failed to pass the qualifying with 5 overs and 7 overs in total, and this year's tournament failed.

Minami Katsu also failed to advance to the final round with a total of 7 overs.

Sasao's score details (2nd round)

1st Par (5:528 yard



2nd Par (4:389 yard



3rd Par (3:188 yard par)

4th Bogey (4:403 yard par)

5th Birdie (4:422 yard par)

6th Par (4: 379 yards)

7th Par (4: 269 yards)

8th Birdie (3: 162 yards)

9th Par (4: 381 yards)

10th Birdie (4: 394 yards)

11th Par (Par 4: 417 yards)

12th Bogey (Par 4: 384 yards)

13th Birdie (Par 3:134 yards)

14th Par (Par 4: 406 yards)

15th Birdie (Par 3: 144 yards)

16th Par (Par 5: 565 yards)

17th Par (Par 5: 484 yards)

18th Birdie (Par 4: 334 yards)

(* The second round starts from 9th)