Leading athletes such as Yoshihide Kiryu, who is 100 meters long, talked about his enthusiasm before the "Fuse Sprint", a tournament where top sprinters from Japan gather, will be held in Tottori City on the 6th.

"Fusei Sprint", which specializes in sprint events, is the final Grand Prix series tournament in which top domestic athletes will participate before this month's Japan Championship, which also serves as the representative selection for the Tokyo Olympics.

Of these, the men's 100 meters include Kiryu and Yuki Koike, who have the second highest record in Japan at 9.98, Ryota Yamagata, Aska Cambridge, Shuhei Tada, and other major players aiming for the Tokyo Olympics based in Japan. We have all the players.

In addition, Asuka Terada, who set a new Japanese record of 12:87 this month, will participate in the women's 100-meter hurdles, and Japanese record holder Taio Kanai will participate in the men's 110-meter hurdles.

The athletes were preparing for the race on the 6th, such as practicing the start at the stadium in Tottori City, which will be the venue.

After the practice, Kiryu said, "I'm not in a bad condition and I'm practicing with a good feeling," he said about the current condition.

Kiryu was disqualified for flying at the Olympic test tournament he participated in last month.

For the race on the 6th, which will be the actual race since then, "If you set your personal best, it will be a Japanese record, so I want to aim for that. Since there is only one race that I ran well this season, I have a good intuition and race I want to be able to enjoy the sense of speed in Japan. "

Women's 100m hurdles Terada "Be calm and not stiff"

Asuka Terada set a new Japanese record of 12 seconds 87, which set her own record of 0.09 seconds on the 1st of this month, but the target Olympic participation standard record of 12 seconds 84 reached 3/100 seconds. did not.

For the race on the 6th, "I was disappointed that I couldn't break the standard participation record last time, but I switched. I think it's time to put out if I can put together the hurdling. I want to run aiming for 7 cars per second. I want to keep calm without getting stiff. "