Before the Tokyo Olympics, the final international volleyball tournament, the "Nations League," opened in Italy on the 25th, and the women's Japan national team won the first match against Thailand.

The volleyball "Nations League" that started in Italy is the last international tournament before the Tokyo Olympics, in which 16 countries, both men and women, participate.

The qualifying round began on the 25th, and the Japanese national team, who ranked 7th in the world ranking, played against Thailand, which ranked 15th in the world, in the first match.

In the match, 20-year-old Aki Padai was appointed as the starting setter for the first time in the national team.

In the first set, Paddy actively used middle blocker players such as Erika Araki to assemble the match and Japan took it 25 to 15.

Next, when the second set was also taken 25 to 17, points were accumulated in the third set with Araki's block and Mayu Ishikawa's spikes, and 25 to 16 was taken to decorate the first match with a straight win with a set count of 3 to 0. I did.

The tournament will be a round robin of 16 teams for both men and women over a period of about one month, after which the top four teams will advance to the final round in a tournament format.

At this tournament, the selection of Japanese national team members for the Tokyo Olympics will be held, and the number will be narrowed down from the current 17 to 12.

Japan national team member girls pay attention to the setter battle

This "Nations League" will narrow down the members of the Japanese national team for the Tokyo Olympics.

For girls, the setter that holds the key to the team concept of "fast-paced" attacks is a point of interest.

Kumi Nakada has been searching for a fixed setter, which is the core of the team.

At the 2019 World Cup, Miya Sato was appointed as a regular setter for all games, but Sato got sick last year due to an injury during the national training camp and retired from active duty in May. ..

Therefore, there is an urgent need to find new setter candidates for the Tokyo Olympics.

There are three candidates.

Kanami Tashiro is 30 years old. One of my strengths is my experience of fighting with foreigners, such as participating in the Rio de Janeiro Games last time.

Nanami Seki is 21 years old. I belong to the same V League 1st division, V1 Toray as the national team ace, Ai Kurogo. There is a difference in the compatibility with ace.

And Aki Padai is 20 years old. This is the first election for the national team, and you can see a lot of bold play everywhere. Another advantage is that he is 1 meter and 76 centimeters tall and taller than the other two setters.

Director Nakata said, "Japanese volleyball is armed with a combination volleyball centered on setters. In the end, we will leave setters who do not make a mistake in cutting the cards that lead to victory." Who trusts the director through this Nations League? Keep an eye on whether you can win.