• Eduardo Camavinga's exit on Sunday evening at the end of the game against Nîmes was highly scrutinized.

    Under contract until June 2022, the number 10 Rennes is courted.

  • At the time of the balance sheet of the season, President Nicolas Holveck explained that he still hoped to extend his midfield.

  • Author of an average season, Eduardo Camavinga will join the Espoirs with whom he will play the Euro from May 31 to June 6.

“We did not receive any offer for any player. "While Stade Rennais ended its season with a victory against Nîmes on Sunday evening, synonymous with sixth place and qualifying in the play-offs of the new Europa League Conference, President Nicolas Holveck made a point of taking stock of the case of Eduardo Camavinga. One year from the end of his contract, the French midfielder has two solutions: extend and afford one more season in Brittany or leave this summer. “He is an international player, who has already scored with France. It is followed by the whole of Europe. It will surely be one of the soap operas of the summer, ”admitted Nicolas Holveck on Monday.

Weakened by his treatment against cancer which took him away from La Piverdière for a few months, the president of the SRFC says he is "optimistic" about the future of the little 18-year-old prodigy, author of an average season.

The departure of Julien Stéphan, the man who had launched him in CFA and among the pros, had affected the number 10 Rennes.

Can the arrival of Bruno Genesio and the qualification for the fourth consecutive European campaign be a game-changer?

“If he does not extend, it will be necessary to consider a departure.

We have to find the best solution for him and for Stade Rennais.

Playing Europe, now that it's done, can change a lot of things.

If he can do one more season, we will not be deprived of it.


"I had an average season"

The midfielder has always explained that he waits until the end of the season before making a decision on his future.

“I had an average season, I didn't always do the right thing.

You have to use that to bounce back, ”he blurted out in an interview with TF1, specifying“ not yet having thought about the future ”.

Sunday evening, his exit from the lawn of Roazhon Park was filmed at length by the cameras of Canal +.

The few journalists and privileged present scrutinized this image, which could be that of his last in the jersey of his training club.

Almost certain that PSG will make an offensive for Camavinga this summer.

- EspoirsduFootball 💯 (@EspoirsduFoot) May 23, 2021

Selected to play the Euro with the Hopes, Eduardo Camavinga changed agent this year, to offer himself the advice of the very influential Jonathan Barnett. In February, the latter estimated that a potential transfer would not be tied for less than 50 million euros. “We have recurring calls, about every fortnight. We will be able to sit down and discuss calmly, ”explains Nicolas Holveck. In a transfer window truncated by the health crisis, the applicants will undoubtedly not be numerous. His performances with the Bleuets during the final phase of the Euro (May 31 to June 6) could also change his value. We doubt that a decision will be made before the end of the competition. The summer transfer window will be closed on August 31. Rennes will then have already played his dam and will know if he really plays Europe. For Rennes supporters,we will have to be patient.


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