Shohei Ohtani of the Major League Baseball Angels participated in the athletics game on the 23rd as a substitute, hitting a tie-breaking sacrifice fly and scoring two consecutive games.

Otani was removed from the starting lineup in the Athletics match on the 23rd in Anaheim, California.

Otani played in the 7th inning with 3-4 and the team chasing 1 point, with a chance of 1 out bases loaded.

Otani caught the fourth fastball and hit a sacrifice fly with a sharp hit to Wright, and the team caught up with the tie.

From the 8th inning, I was able to defend Wright, but I didn't have a chance to defend and I didn't even turn at bat.

Otani marked two RBIs in a row with one RBI on the sacrifice fly, and the batting average remains at 20%, 6 minutes and 8 RBIs.

The Angels won the match 6-5.